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R.I.P. my brothers in blue

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Sad but this was a foreseeable outcome to the hate and anti-cop rhetoric being spewed from the lips of our "leaders". Funny, haven't heard much about this on the news.:mad:
Rest easy my brothers, God's speed and protection on your families.
Killings of 2 New York officers trigger backlash
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You have my strongest condolences. It has been a horrid year for Police, from the wacko in Pennsylvania to the coffee shop attack some months ago through to today.

I am surprised at how rough things have become in that city, so quickly.

That Police Officers did the "Klingon Back Turn" on Mayor DeBlasio is a mind blower.

I tend to agree with KG on all counts.

The problem is that folks from the "Pro-Palestinian activists" (Read, Islamonutters) to "A.N.S.W.E.R." (Read: The Communist Party) are now involved and the politicians jumping in on this are unwittingly (or wittingly) allying themselves with these groups, and those groups do not need well.

"A.N.S.W.E.R." AKA the Communists, were behind Code Pink (Which is strangely silent about ISIS murdering people in Iraq right now) and it seems this is the next cause they are glomming onto, probably with coordination at top levels in the media.

This is all going into a very bad place. The silent majority is probably waking up, I hope they do. This has the potential to get a lot worse.
Meanwhile in LA... I guess it really is the 1970s again. Look at that rifle. M1 carbine? That is just eerie.

2 LAPD officers 'ambushed': Uneasiness among L.A. police - LA Times
I am really hoping we don't see a "Radical Leftists vs. Police" thing like I only heard about growing up (I missed that era, at least as far as memory.) The irony is I recently started watching "Adam-12" on Me-TV, because the development of police tactics like using helicopters, the training of SWAT teams and tactics, and so on was documented very well in the show. Police ambushes were seen on several episodes of that show, as I am sure it reflected the times.

The thing about the M-1 carbine just gets my attention for some reason. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't that piece seen on "both sides" of that fight back then? I just have this sneaking suspicion one may have been salted away years back, maybe by a cell or radical group, waiting for a new recruit one day. Or that someone of that age might have done it. It looks like this one had a 30 shot magazine.

Or, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and a rifle is just a rifle. So far I have noticed no name or information about the one suspect arrested, or the other one being sought, being released to the media.
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