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R.I.P. my brothers in blue

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Sad but this was a foreseeable outcome to the hate and anti-cop rhetoric being spewed from the lips of our "leaders". Funny, haven't heard much about this on the news.:mad:
Rest easy my brothers, God's speed and protection on your families.
Killings of 2 New York officers trigger backlash
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This is the goal of the "Martyrdom by Cop" in Ferguson MO. Gee doesn't every, "little african-american child" of 18 years and 282 lbs, go into a store with active security cameras, carefully rough up the clerk to make it a felony on camera, walk out into the street, not on the sidewalk, to avoid attention, and then spend several minutes literally throwing evidence into a Police Officer's face and them forcing the officer into a position where he had to shoot?
So, now we have liberals in the streets screaming that mobs are better than the rule of law, just like we had in Jacksonville, FL where the mobs "failed to get justice for Travon Martin," a dead dope fiend.
Two dead officers in NYC, and one dead white man in St. Louis, but don't worry, the Mayor declared it had nothing to do with the Michael Brown shooting, minority children routinely kill random white's by beating them to death with hammers. It's just a minor sport in St. Louis...
Who is disgusted and wishes he had the money to back a "Dead doper" law in FL.
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