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R.I.P. my brothers in blue

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Sad but this was a foreseeable outcome to the hate and anti-cop rhetoric being spewed from the lips of our "leaders". Funny, haven't heard much about this on the news.:mad:
Rest easy my brothers, God's speed and protection on your families.
Killings of 2 New York officers trigger backlash
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R.I.P. my departed brothers from NYPD.

To Ratfink: WELL SAID.

yours, sw
Kevin Gibson,

Inasmuch as neither of us heard/saw/had access to the evidence presented to the grand jury in NYC, I have to accept their findings & fully support their NO TRUE BILL finding.
(Having worked with USACIDC in NY, I can tell you that you can indict "a ham sandwich" there. NY law is "front-loaded" for the prosecution's benefit. = There was OBVIOUSLY NO evidence of GUILT/CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE for the grand jury to find.)

yours, sw
Kevin Gibson,

Fyi, under NY state law, evidence presented to a grand jury may NOT be released to ANYBODY but the prosecutor or a judge of competent jurisdiction. Further prosecutors & judges are FORBIDDEN to release any information that the receive from a grand jury, EXCEPT in a trial.

As there was NO true bill, we will never see what the grand jury saw/heard.

ALL that we will likely EVER have is the comments of a woman, who was "allegedly" a grand juror. = She said that NONE of the grand jury members, after seeing what evidence was presented believed to their body that the police officers were criminally culpable under law & that the members believed that the death of Mr. Garner was regrettable but NOT a criminal act.

IF Garner had not resisted arrest & peacefully gone with the officers, he would likely be alive, as I write these lines.

While I support the demonstrators RIGHT of FREE SPEECH & ASSEMBLY, I do NOT support RIOTING, ASSAULTS on civilians/LEOs, RAPES, LOOTING and/or HOMICIDE.

Frankly, I think those criminals that engage in those lawless activities should be SHOT to prevent those crimes, as soon as they are attempted.

yours, sw
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Pardon me for pointing out that there is a THIRD possibility: Things just may get MUCH more hostile between the "violent demonstrators" (MOST are really FAR LEFT HATERS, Anti-American RADICALS & some just common felons.) & the police & National Guard.

In that case, the police/NG forces WIN & blood runs in the street until the FAR LEFT & the violent common criminals are subdued/indicted/convicted/imprisoned for LONG sentences.

Even in the 21st Century, the business community won't forever stand for ARSON/LOOTING/ASSAULTS on a regional/nation-wide basis. = They will DEMAND that the police respond with whatever actions are necessary & lawful to STOP the violence.

just my OPINION, sw
Ratfink2u; DavidE,

Unfortunately, I believe that it "will come to that" & sooner rather than later.

As for me & my house (and moreover for our TRIBE & our longtime Apache allies as a whole. = We are ARMED to the teeth, most of us served in the armed forces & we can hold our shared tribal lands in the TX border country against outsiders till H freezes over.), we will NOT sit supinely by & watch our neighborhoods get looted, our neighbors assaulted, our goods stolen & our homes/businesses set afire.

just my OPINION, sw


"IF it comes to that" here in metropolitan SA, my FIRST response is to get "my lady on wheels" into the caring hands of the SAMMC staff
(She has been treated there several times, so they know her well.)
Once she is "settled into a room" at BAMC, I'll go see if there's anything that the FSH LE folks need me to do.

I'm quite sure that FSH won't turn a retired MP & his paralyzed lady away, so we'll be just fine till things "return to normal".
(In point of fact, I suspect that "if things get really ugly" that JBSA will send a military ambulance & LE escorts to pick her up. = The "old folks outside the Main Gate" will be FINE.)

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During "the last go-round", I was IN "the mess" & the weapons in the hands of BOTH sides (the crazies/kooks/haters/crooks vs. the police/ARNG) were too varied to generalize about.

Personally, I saw police using M-1 Carbines, Garands, M-14 rifles, Winchester saddle carbines, Remington & Winchester SA rifles/carbines (in a variety of calibers), TSG & all manner of shotguns.

The National Guard of course used normal "government issue" rifles/handguns and (here in TX) numerous State-owned commercial pump shotguns, that were purchased for storm & riot duty.

Otoh, the thugs/kooks/crazies had whatever they could acquire by any lawful/unlawful means, including unlawful FA weapons.

yours, sw
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It was just announced on cable 14 TV news here in The Alamo City that traffic offense "stops", issuance of traffic tickets, parking offense summons & other "minor offense" arrests are all DOWN 94+ percent by the NYPD & other NYC police forces.

"Can you say, BLUE FLU, children?" "Sure .you can." ======>This "fall in apprehensions" will cost the NYC government MILLIONS of dollars.

ImVho, the current mayor of NYC need to APOLOGIZE to the LEO & then RESIGN from office, as he is UNFIT to be a member of the local school board, much less mayor of the largest city in the USA.

yours, sw

AGREED. = Here in God's Country, i.e., TEXAS, our Ranger Service & DPS agents have access to a great deal of "specialized equipment" & the Highway Patrol even has HEAVILY-armed GUNBOATS now & (for the 1st time in 150 years,) we now have Texas State Marines/TX Navy personnel being mobilized.

Fwiw, I'm "pushing" our local TX legislators/senator to authorize a new agency: The Border Protection Service, which if organized, would be a "quasi-government" protective/security agency, staffed with retirees/armed forces vets.

To those of you who don't know, we Texans are fighting "a shooting war" along the TX-Mexico border with WELL-ARMED, WELL TRAINED & ORGANIZED gangs of smugglers, human traffickers, drug-thugs, murderers, rapists & some outright terrorists.
(One small & sparsely populated south TX county of less than 7,000 people AVERAGES a corpse "found out in the brush" every single day. - Most of those bodies died of sexual assault, stabbings & gunshot wounds AND as of today, 30DEC14 NONE of the cases have been "cleared".)

yours, sw
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