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R.I.P. my brothers in blue

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Sad but this was a foreseeable outcome to the hate and anti-cop rhetoric being spewed from the lips of our "leaders". Funny, haven't heard much about this on the news.:mad:
Rest easy my brothers, God's speed and protection on your families.
Killings of 2 New York officers trigger backlash
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As one who supports the police I find myself having to say this regarding Garner:

1.) He should not have resisted. He should have gone with the police, they'd issue him a summons and probably he'd be out in 30 minutes. Some responsibility must fall on his shoulders.
How much?

2.) He ought not be dead. Was it a choke hold? I hear pundits claiming both. You know what?
I don't really care.
I saw the video -- a cop had his arm around Garner's throat.
Probably most pertinent; the autopsy report indicated the coroner said his throat (windpipe, AKA trachea) had been "flattened." Was he in respiratory distress?
He was claiming he couldn't breath. Yet his trachea was flat. Some have claimed that you can't talk if you're being choked.
I fall back on the coroner's report. Sorry; his trachea was flat.

Kevin Gibson said:
But he coded AFTER he was in custody, and no one started CPR for 7 minutes.
THAT is not right. CPR should start ASAP.

I agree it's not a race issue. I also do not believe it rises to the level of murder. But it does (I think) rise to a negligent homicide of some sort.

To those here who are, or who have served served as police ....I'm sorry but that's how I see it. Now in the Ferguson case I support the police officer; that was self defense. The two police officers who were assassinated this saturday in New York City, that is a horrific event. The shooter saved the taxpayer's some $$$ there by "offing" himself...good riddance, with condolences to his family.

I have a lot of respect for police officers. They do a tough job requiring life or death decisions made in seconds. For the large part they get it right, thank God.
And to those who "serve and protect:" THANK YOU.
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DavidE said:
The thing about the M-1 carbine just gets my attention for some reason. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't that piece seen on "both sides" of that fight back then? I just have this sneaking suspicion one may have been salted away years back, maybe by a cell or radical group, waiting for a new recruit one day. Or that someone of that age might have done it. It looks like this one had a 30 shot magazine.
I recall seeing photos of "Leftwing activists" (black panthers and others) dating from the 1960s-ish and on and recall seeing them armed with (among other things) M-1 carbines. Before the M-16/AR-15 style of rifle became popular the carbine was a quit common gun which would have served similar purpose in both private arsenals and police arsenals.
Six million of these were made during WW2 and they became very available in the decades following WW2 and Korea.
I recall watching an episode of Fox TV's "COPS" where they'd taken an M-1 carbine from some street gang member. He'd cut off the stock, making it more of a pistol.
I hope he was arrested for that maiming! Anyway they apparently are still around to some degree even if they're not as popular as more modern guns.
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