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I went to turn in a job application today(still employed, just hate working for the french, so I'm looking) and in the display case the shop had 2 Remington R1 pistols. 1 was $650 and the other was $575. Ok. I asked them why the one was cheaper, they looked the same. The cheaper one was a factory promo. Ok. I did some math on my phone in the parking lot, and it all added up, it was a good deal. I was going to buy a Cimarron for $550. $25 more for a (like) new remington? Um, yeah, wrap it up for me, please. haha. $615 out the door. The guy at the shop told me its pretty much the best buy in 1911s on the market right now. You can spend more, but not get more. Agreed. haha. The guy even said what they're doing is renting only Remingtons for range 1911s eventually.

I still have to shoot it. I stopped by walmart on my way home, and picked up 50rds of the "for walmart" Federal ammo. The spring is tight. The safety is crisp, the trigger pull is light. The hammer cocks pretty easily. No scratches, or blemishes of any type that I could see. That heavy recoil spring is going to take a little getting used to. My other 1911 is a GSG .22, and my "other 1911" is a Sig P238. I'd continue writing about it, but then I'd have to wait longer to shoot it. haha. Well, Thanks for reading!
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Well, I fired 35rds, and here's what I found. 1) .45acp kicks more than I remember. :lol: 2) my shots were going to the right, and low. 3) Federal ammo from Walmart is dirty. My right arm is dotted with black...something.

I took a hammer, and piece of wooden dowel, ad tapped my rear sight leftward. I tried holding the dot on the front sight right on the orange dot on the target. Its a little right still, and a bit low. I think once I get it centered, I could live with the shooting low bit. I think for the money, its a great gun. It doesn't have big gaudy markings on it, its got a nice matte blue finish, nice wood grips, a comfortable flat mainspring housing. The only thing I'm not so sure about is the stainless barrel bushing, but that's easy enough to replace... in time.

I think its a great "in between" gun that's not a GI model, but isn't a railed out tacticool thing, either. It seems like Remington took their time with these things, and did them in good taste, and classic style. Its not that I don't like GI or tacticool guns, but the blued steel and checkered wood grips of a classic looking 1911 is real tough to beat, IMHO.
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Yeah, everything is good, and tight with it. It seems to be extremely well made.

@ Charlie Petty, I'm not sure about the 80's series pin. I'm not well versed in 1911's enough. :( How can I tell?
Yes sir, 80's series firing pin safety.
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