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From the NTRA ...


Hofstra University's College for Continuing Education (UCCE) is turning the excitement of owning racehorses into a scholarly pursuit.

The school, located in Hempstead, N.Y., just a few furlongs from Belmont Park, will offer a three-session course starting on January 26 entitled, Introduction to Racehorse Ownership for the Small Investor .

This course examines in detail the benefits and risks of
racehorse ownership as an alternative investment vehicle, reads a course description on Hofstra's UCCE Web site. The timing couldn't be better! New York is on the verge of installing video lottery terminals (slots) at racetracks, thus insuring a much enhanced purse structure for owners. Racing syndicates (partnerships) for the small investor are being formed at a rapid pace. Topics will include forms of ownership, licensing, acquisition of horses, hiring of professionals, insurance, tax issues, training expenses and related areas.
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