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Sweet 625

Even though I tend to shoot more accurately with revolvers, I'm not much of a wheelgunner. A fair share of sixguns, a couple of fiveguns and one eightgun have called my safe home for a while, but most of them have moved to other households. There are only two left: my wife's 65LS and my 625.

I shoot revolver division with my 625 in USPSA matches and some local ICORE matches (I used it a couple of times for IDPA, but they recently outlawed the 5" barrell. Another IDPA Owners fancy if you ask me).

This gun has the smoothest double action pull and for what I use it, is VERY accurate! Also, the combination of the full moon clips and those six big holes in the cylinder could make speed reloads almost as fast as with a semiauto, maybe faster if it's Miculek doing it.

By the way, Mr. Camp, there are two tools out there (I bought mine from Dillon) that will make your coexistence with moonclips a lot easier: the De-Mooner to unload them and the Re-Mooner to load them. Check'em out!

Anyhow, I don't see my 625 leaving home anytime soon.



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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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