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Ready for AK47

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I've been considering purchasing an AK47 simpley for plinking pleasure,what with the availability of inexpensive ammo and all.
Since there are so many variants, I was hoping someone could steer me toward a make that isn't too expensive and of reasonable quality.
Are there any makes I should stay away from, be they new or used?
Shall I wait and see how the assault weapon bill turns out first?
Thanks for your time.
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CZgunner....Get yourself a SAR1..It 7.62x39 and it's fun to shoot! Ammo is relatively inexpensive. I figure that it's a military it gets military ammo!!! Don't expect great accuracy with an AK any further out than 100 yds...Only shoot NON-corrosive ammo (it's easier to clean, and if you don't get a chance to clean right after will not eat up the bore!!! You should be able to find a new one at a show for around $300. You can get them on some of the internet sites...AIM,SOG and others for about $279...but by the time you get the shipping charges, you'll be around 3 bills anyway!

Good luck in your choice...
cdnn has russian izhmath(eaa) rifles for under $200,I bought them last year with wood stocks in 308 caliber.most of the wood stocks are gone,but the polymer are ok also.
the 308 is a fantastic round.
they also have semi auto hess versions of the ak for around $350.
I was so pleased with the quality and performance i am ghoing to order a few more after I pay off my sks,which are on sdale for $179. 8)
For a good discussion of the AK47 and its variants, go to the Kalashnikov Klub at
I'm not going to say exactly WHAT i think of an AK, other than read my signature at the bottom of the page, if it was me, i would get a Ruger Mini-30, its chambered in 7.62X39mm, same as an AK, but 100 times the quailty, and a tenth of the uglyness. the .223, a.k.a, the 5.56X45mm NATo is a cheep caliber to shoot since NATO milltary hardball ammo is allover the place, cheaper than dirt and Cabellas both sell .223 and .30 Russian (7.62X39mm) by the case full, both cheaply enough to plink to your hearts content.
A romanian SAR-1 is a good weapon. Reliable and fun to shoot. You should be able to get one for $300. I also own a Mini thirty. The SAR-1 is more reliable.

The problem with the mini-thirty is that it is hard to get good mags that hold more than fuve rounds.

The SAR-1 Has crummy sights, but optic may help

No matter what both are good, and the ammo is cheap.

And it is no poodle shooter.
I have a mac 90 ak varient and i would not say it is not inaccurate !!!
out to 400 meters it is a great 3 moa rifle
as for ammo 45 buks shotgun news per 500 rds most current
production ammo is not corrosive !! wolf ect barnell
dirty yes . but the ak needs occasional cleaning anyway
Then you can have fun showing up AR-15 noobs.
A better AK might cost a few bucks more (and I would suggest spending more) but you'll have far less problems if you get a better AK. Some of the SAR I's I've been seeing lately are absolute garbage.

I've got two Mak 90's and one Bulgarian SA93 and the quality difference is drastic. ZERO trigger slap and better fit and finish.
I just picked up a SAIGA in 762 commie.

I can't wait to fire 'er up.
I had one that had Norinco parts on an Arizona made receiver, and had zero problems with several thousand rounds through it. While not a tack driver, I never missed a clay pigeon set out at 200 yards at the range. Can't ask for much more than that from this type of rifle/carbine. I got stupid and bought a 100 round drum, then had to get a bipod as the drum was too heavy to hold up! Bad idea, stick to the 30 round mags, it was alot of fun to shoot. More serious shooting requires my Remington .308. No jams or failure to feeds, regardles of the ammo used. I can't say that about most of my other firearms, and it isn't very hard to disassemble and clean. I see why it was so popular in third world countries, as it is ultra-reliable. Too short of a stock for 6 footers and above though. :D
How reliable are those AK drums?

I picked one with a recent firearm aquisition but I have yet to actually use it.

Persoanly Romanian AK's are terrible... period... I for one Hate trigger slap.. and their lack of smooth opperation.

Russian VEPR's are more expensive but are high quality.. very good

Norinco & polytechs...($) are great NO TRIGGER SLAP, SMOOTH... visit K-var's website for AK parts kits or stock sets to make your look nice...

Drums are ok... just not for the sks lol (ugly) the winedup kind or chinese are ok.. some people try to sell them for upwards of 300$ but if you just realy want one there around here for under 100. good for long term loading... just dont have it cranked up until you need it.

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Soda Pop said:
Now that's a fine looking AK. :D
thanks... *sob* my pride and joy :) :)
Not that I'm into AK's (I sold all of my ComBlock stuff) but of all the different ones I owned (quite a few of all different makes/nations)
the only one I REALLY liked was the Arsenal from Bulgaria. I understand they now have an American factory, too. It was very well made (in contrast to the others), was accurate, was the MILLED AK47 receiver (not the stamped metal AKM which everybody loves to call an AK47) and exhibited NO trigger sting and bolt bounce..
Some of those AK's on the market are hard-put to hit a target at 100 yds. The Bulgarian, while nowhere as accurate as an American weapon, did quite well.
Oh, the Russian-style drum works great whereas the Chinese-style was awkward and trouble-prone.
For me as for many, the AK has an "aura" about it, akin to what Lugers and Broomhandles have.

As for the SAR-1s: If you are going to buy a budget AK, shop wisely. I looked at a number of them before I bought one. I was warned about canted front sights and gas cylinders. I saw a number of examples of that, and passed on every one of them. Finally, after looking at quite a few at various shows, I picked one that didn't have a canted front sight or gas block. When I went out to shoot it, I had trouble getting it zeroed for windage. It had a canted REAR sight. I may or may not fix it, one of these days. My range time is too scarce to waste time on a POS that was assembled by some clods here in the U.S. I have plenty of rifles that are FUN to shoot, and that are assembled properly and of quality components. One day I might purchase a good AK variant. Or I might send mine off to someone who can make it right. But in the interim, I will have to rely on other firearms in my stable than the AK variant if I intend to hit anything.

I have a great respect for the design. But if you buy one, please shop more wisely than I did (And I thought I was being discriminating!).
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This Romanian SAR1 was my first non handgun... I now have about a dozen 'non handguns'. This started my on the way with my sickness. It is my only AK, though.

Some SAR1's have canted sights - this didn't.

Some SAR1's produce trigger slap, this one DID. But for $30, a new trigger group changed that.

Romanian SAR's have chromed barrels - others generally don't.

This SAR1 has fired several thousand rounds without a single problem, and is as accurate as I am.

I'm very pleased with it

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I have 2 shooting buddies that have ARs, my Polytech groups the same as either gun (and cost about the same). I have also owned 2 of the chinese drums, they work fine. Neither even thought of malfunctioning. IMO, save your pennies for a good one, generally the franken-47s available nowadays arent worth the 3-6 hundo. Keep in mind you can get an unfired used Winchester lever gun or S&W pistol for the price of one of the Romanian ones. Those will at least be blued, and be stamped instead of written on with an engraver by someone with bad handwriting.
If you really want a beautiful and reliable AK-style carbine, look for a post-ban FEG SA 85M. This is to me the top stamped-receiver AK of all time. They're not cheap, anywhere from $350-$500 for a new one. It will have a thumbhole stock, but that's easy to fix. On the other hand, some guys like the stock like it is. Made in Hungary by FEG, still the primary arms maker for Hungary and many other countries' military and police. The ones with the thumbhole stock should be all FEG inside (no U.S. parts). Make sure to check this out if you get interested in one. The fire-control parts have the same black finish as the rest of the gun, and the action cover, bolt carrier and bolt are numbered to the gun. Here's mine after muzzle brake installation and change to pistol grip and buttstock. [IMG=left][/IMG]
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