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Remington m1871 Oviedo Rolling Block Rifle

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I am looking for the traverse bolt or cross bolt for this rifle. This as far as I know only on the Spanish version of this rifle. Any ideas out there? Mine is frozen by rust bad. Breaking screwdriver tips.
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Well I talked with Ken Womack. Sort of the guru on these things and he had a usable cross bolt. The wood was showing signs of someone else before me trying to get this out so he said just drill it out and he would sell me the used one. Good thing I did because no amount of heat, pressure, penetrating oil was going to unfreeze what moister and time did. It was completely rusted together and nothing was going to get it apart. Not sure I can post a picture but its worthy......
Thanks for all the replies, Lyle
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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