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Remington Rand 1911 A1

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RR got into the 1911 making business in 1942 with a government contract. They had zero experience in that endeavor and promptly set up an new division to build them. Another company with no experience in firearms was also given a contract to build 1911s for the war effort; Singer Sewing Machine. Then there was Utica, High Standard and maybe a couple of others.

A friend of mine got a High Standard through the NRA/CMP program. I missed a chance on a Singer at O'Bar's Guns here in SA years back. The Army issued me a Utica and a Colt at different times.

Those were the days.
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How many Singer .45 pistols were actually built, IF you know?
Sorry about the slow response. Singer made 500 but their contract was for about 20,000. When Singer gave up they "gave" the contract to Remington to complete.
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