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If any of you guys are into restoration projects and you need a cool old car to work on – drop me a line.
The one good thing about living out in the middle of the desert is that this town has a boatload of old cars in pretty decent shape that would make for good restoration projects.
I’m not talk about cars from the 80s. I’m talking the cool cars from the 50’s and 60’s.
Sometimes I’ll pass an old jalopy with no tires sitting out in a field… and I can just image it with some aggressive rebuild and a 12 coat paintjob.
There is what looks like an old 54 Chevy not too far away from here sitting on gravel… it’s torn up but the body is pretty good shape metal wise. If someone wanted to give it some love, it would be a show winner.
If I had the money to get started, I’d be buying these old hulks, rebuilding them with modern parts making them in to classic looking daily drivers or aggressive rip-snorting hotrods, and selling them for profit. I know of about 25 to 30 such worthy rebuild candidates right here in my little town. That’s not even going outside the county to where there are even more such candidates. I would need a shop, and some start up cash… but it would be very workable.
People would buy them too. New cars have no soul. New cars have no character… The old cars… man. I don’t see why anyone would spend 30+ grand and finance it for 4 years for a new car like that, when they can buy a fully restored and rebuilt custom for the same money. Especially if you are looking for something to turn heads.
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