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Revisiting September 11th

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We will never forget. Not ever.

FWIW myself and a lot of others in law enforcement are doing everything in our power to deprive these bastards of the opportunity to leave a footprint on American soil- although we don't mind helping if if they'd like to occupy a little space UNDER it.

We understand the "sad & mad" syndrome, too. The evening of Sept. 11th we dug out and old funeral flag that had draped the coffin of one of my Uncles, who was killed in WWII. The next day, we hung it from the front porch. It was worn so thin you could see through it, but the power and spirit it symbolizes is still STRONG. I stood in the yard with my remaining two teenage sons, and we talked about freedom- and its price. We vowed that we will NEVER let this nation fall into the hands of those who kill thousands, dictate to us how to worship, and then torture and kill those who refuse to submit. We will all rest under one of those flags before we will allow that to happen.

I felt then, the same combination of pride, sadness, and pure patriotic rage that I feel right now. It is impossible to re-live that moment without the tears welling up in my eyes again. This is a righteous battle, and one well worth fighting. This sadness, and yes fear, must be channeled into righteous fury. It is a battle to be fought with a strong heart.

One of those sons, and our daugher, have enlisted and are active duty right now. Another son awaits his turn. A niece has joined the reserves. A nephew has been to Iraq, and will bear the scars of battle for a lifetime- but he is pround to have served. They have all been taught to shoot, with the enemy's weapons if need be. We are doing what we can do.

There is one thing we can all do. Get out and vote! We owe it to the brave men & women who are fighting this war. It is time to decide where, and by whom, our nation and our armed forces will be led. I for one am determined that they will NOT be led by a traitor who gave aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States.

It is important to remember that nations also fall from within.

This is posted in memory of Lt. Peter C. Martin, an avid shooter and proud member of FDNY who gave his life on that fateful day. Our thanks go out to Mrs. Martin and her boys, for her husband's service and sacrifice. We pray for the family of a man who gave all.

Prayers for our family members who stand in the gap, are appreciated as well.
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Great post, Sarge. I don't think it's ever been said better. Snappy hand salute to you!
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Thank you,

both- very much.
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