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Jim Nicholson wrote on another forum:
The state Supreme Court yesterday took up the question of what it means to "keep
and bear arms" in Rhode Island.


The case began in 1999 after Charles H. Mosby Jr. and Steven Golotto were denied
permits to carry concealed weapons. Mosby sought the permit because he is a gun
collector who sometimes travels with firearms and large sums of money. Golotto,
who owns a gourmet shop in Greenville, sought a permit because he also carries
large sums of money and was concerned with the number of robberies in the area.

In response to their applications, Mosby and Golotto received the same
preprinted form stating: "The Department of Attorney General has determined
insufficient need to issue a permit for you to carry concealed weapons."

In court documents, Strachman said, "The attorney general's 'procedure' in
determining applications . . . is nonexistent. He refused to disclose the
standards utilized in making determinations, previous decisions or even his
decision-making process. He denied the applicants an opportunity to be heard, a
record, a hearing, or the basis for his decision prior to adjudication."

Click HERE for more details.
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