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Rob Roy flintlock pistol

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I am trying to ID, and locate to buy, a firing replica Scottish Flintlock pistol like one used in the movie Rob Roy (period 1671-1734), or similar, to wear with great kilt and sword at my wedding. I would prefer a left-handed one. I appreciate any help you can give me!
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Wish I could help you.
I've got the DVD and I've admired that pistol myself... if you find one like it, let me know!
Love the movie, even have the sound track CD.
Thanks much!!
Any more suggestions from others would be appreciated also!
I don't know that you're gonna find very may working replicas of scottish flintlocks.

You can try browsing around here -

These folks know more about all things scottish than is probably healthy for a person.

Also, the fellow that owns/runs the forums, Adrian Ko, has a bug up his ass about guns.... doesn't want to be associated with 'em, because of their "image" in the media. This whole mind set causes many of us that hang out there no end of headache and heartburn..... but what're ya gonna do? He pays the rent, after all.

Anyway, go take a look around there, sign up, if you like what you see, and give Dale Seago or Thomas "Mac" MacDonald a PM. I'm sure they can point you in more and better dirctions than I can.

Anyway, that's my best suggestion. Hope it helps.

Oh yeah.... Tell Dale and Mac that Jamie C sent ya.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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