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We mentioned Ruark over in politics and the Mau-Mau uprising. He was a great fiction writer and one of his was a series of short stories about the Old Man and the Boy; the passage of knowledge and love from one generation to another.

One of his non-fiction works talked of his time as a white hunter; Have Enough Gun. He commented that when in the brush if he needed to go relieve him self at night he'd always carry a shotgun. One of his fears was encountering a black momba and not being able to send it to the Great Beyond. He also wrote of his near death encounter with the cat the he considered the most dangerous; the leopard. He was mauled and nearly killed by one. Thanks to my youngest son, that's the only Ruark book I have left. :(

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Btw, for the "Ruark fans" here: Not only have I heard the mockingbird sing at "THE OLD MAN'S HOUSE" but I took pictures of her, the last time that I tried to buy the home to retire to.
(Fwiw, the Southport CofC does NOT want me to buy the house, as they want Robert Ruark FORGOTTEN, asap..)

Small town BIGOTS are generally "small-minded" & CLUELESS; that aptly describes the "Ruark HATERS" of Southport. = They cannot see that a celebration of Ruark & his beloved Grandfather would bring $$$$$$$$$$$ of tourist money to the town & seem to prefer to NOT do better financially.

yours, tex

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I am a fan. During college I read "The old man and the boy" and it was almost as if he was writing about my grandfather and me.

His writing made me want to know about the man and there was a much darker side. He drank himself to an early grave and his fame brought more than a few women to his door. To get a glimpse of that one should read "The Honey Badger" or "Women".

But as I sit here I can see a bookcase with one whole shelf of his work and as I read more I became a real fan of his writing but didn't like the man all that much.
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