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R's and D's...just no hint of integrity

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So here's what truly makes me weep for this country.

The Mueller investigation.

The actual issue: Russians absolutely meddled with our election. It doesn't matter one iota if they were actually successful, or if they colluded with people in the Trump campaign. The ISSUE is the sanctity and security of our elections.

What R's and D's are doing with this...

Democrats have already convicted Trump regardless of what the evidence is, or how the investigation turns out. There's problem one.

Republicans, are so concerned about protecting Trump that they're trying to get the investigation stopped...and thus, willing to just let the election meddling issue go altogether.

Mention the investigation to any Trump supporter, and they immediately start talking about Hillary. There is NO concern among Republicans that Russians have meddled in the election; their only concern is protecting Trump.

Mention the investigation to any Democrat...Trump is a traitor and should go to jail. They don't give a rat's ass about due process; they just want Trump's hide.

What TRULY CONCERNS ME...Neither party is really interested in addressing the ACTUAL ISSUE, and that issue is FAR bigger than the R's & D's.

Now, IF Trump, or ANYONE who works for him did collude with the Russians (and one of his staff clearly did, and has already been prosecuted); then throw his ass in jail. If Trump played a part and there is sufficient evidence to convict; then throw his ass in jail! If there isn't, then LET IT FREAKING GO!!! It doesn't matter how much you're convinced Trump did it; if the evidence isn't there, then it's all just speculation.

Now on the Democrat's what kills me. There is no question...Hillary STOLE the nomination. She hijacked the Democratic party, made the DNC her personal bank account, STOLE the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and the list goes on. None of these facts are disputed; she freaking did it.

Who is calling for her to be kicked out of the party, along with all who helped her? Crickets...

It doesn't matter if Trump is perhaps "worse"... They have an issue of impropriety in their party and it's being completely ignored. Now technically none of what Hillary did was illegal, but it sure the hell was immoral, unethical, and just downright LOW. But the high and mighty Democrats...They want Trumps head, but they're willing to let Hillary get away with pretty much anything she wants.

There is zero integrity in either party...and it's so bad that I truly believe that most of the members of these two parties are just as corrupt as the people they support and vote for.

Democrats let Hillary go because she was trying to "save the world" from Trump... so while it's distasteful, we'll let it go because we're okay with whatever anyone has do to to keep a Republican out of the Oval Office.

Republicans let Trump off the hook because he was trying to "save the world" from Hillary. So while it's distasteful that he may have been working with Russians* we'll let it slide, because after all; he was trying to beat Hillary, the ultimate evil in the world.

Those attitudes aren't just coming from R & D leadership, they're coming from the rank and file; the voters.

Our political system is completely broken when right and wrong just doesn't matter anymore, but winning does.

*Take a good look at the exact circumstances that got Popodopolous in trouble...are you naive enough to think Trump didn't know what Popodopolous and Trump's son was up to? Really?
Yet Republicans would be more than happy to have the investigation shut down right now, even with all the evidence of Russian involvement... Because they want to protect Trump more than they want to protect the sanctity of our elections.
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All throughout the election the press piled on Trump, trying to inflate every indiscretion, fumbled statement, business deal, or contact with a foreigner into a potential crime, while painting him as stupid and unsophisticated. All the while, Hillary got only cursory scrutiny, while being praised on editorial pages as the only qualified, intelligent candidate. Her many brushes with criminality were swept under the rug.

The Russians stepped in to assume the investigative role that the press had abrogated. I have absolutely no problem with that.
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