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R's and D's...just no hint of integrity

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So here's what truly makes me weep for this country.

The Mueller investigation.

The actual issue: Russians absolutely meddled with our election. It doesn't matter one iota if they were actually successful, or if they colluded with people in the Trump campaign. The ISSUE is the sanctity and security of our elections.

What R's and D's are doing with this...

Democrats have already convicted Trump regardless of what the evidence is, or how the investigation turns out. There's problem one.

Republicans, are so concerned about protecting Trump that they're trying to get the investigation stopped...and thus, willing to just let the election meddling issue go altogether.

Mention the investigation to any Trump supporter, and they immediately start talking about Hillary. There is NO concern among Republicans that Russians have meddled in the election; their only concern is protecting Trump.

Mention the investigation to any Democrat...Trump is a traitor and should go to jail. They don't give a rat's ass about due process; they just want Trump's hide.

What TRULY CONCERNS ME...Neither party is really interested in addressing the ACTUAL ISSUE, and that issue is FAR bigger than the R's & D's.

Now, IF Trump, or ANYONE who works for him did collude with the Russians (and one of his staff clearly did, and has already been prosecuted); then throw his ass in jail. If Trump played a part and there is sufficient evidence to convict; then throw his ass in jail! If there isn't, then LET IT FREAKING GO!!! It doesn't matter how much you're convinced Trump did it; if the evidence isn't there, then it's all just speculation.

Now on the Democrat's what kills me. There is no question...Hillary STOLE the nomination. She hijacked the Democratic party, made the DNC her personal bank account, STOLE the nomination from Bernie Sanders, and the list goes on. None of these facts are disputed; she freaking did it.

Who is calling for her to be kicked out of the party, along with all who helped her? Crickets...

It doesn't matter if Trump is perhaps "worse"... They have an issue of impropriety in their party and it's being completely ignored. Now technically none of what Hillary did was illegal, but it sure the hell was immoral, unethical, and just downright LOW. But the high and mighty Democrats...They want Trumps head, but they're willing to let Hillary get away with pretty much anything she wants.

There is zero integrity in either party...and it's so bad that I truly believe that most of the members of these two parties are just as corrupt as the people they support and vote for.

Democrats let Hillary go because she was trying to "save the world" from Trump... so while it's distasteful, we'll let it go because we're okay with whatever anyone has do to to keep a Republican out of the Oval Office.

Republicans let Trump off the hook because he was trying to "save the world" from Hillary. So while it's distasteful that he may have been working with Russians* we'll let it slide, because after all; he was trying to beat Hillary, the ultimate evil in the world.

Those attitudes aren't just coming from R & D leadership, they're coming from the rank and file; the voters.

Our political system is completely broken when right and wrong just doesn't matter anymore, but winning does.

*Take a good look at the exact circumstances that got Popodopolous in trouble...are you naive enough to think Trump didn't know what Popodopolous and Trump's son was up to? Really?
Yet Republicans would be more than happy to have the investigation shut down right now, even with all the evidence of Russian involvement... Because they want to protect Trump more than they want to protect the sanctity of our elections.
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Okay, so lots of party loyalty here.

Personally, I see a LOT of reason for the investigation to continue. I honestly don't think they'll actually get Trump, but I think it needs to run its course.

Popodopolous - Convicted for lying about a meeting where Trump's campaign was allegedly meeting to collude with Russians.

Gates and Manafort - Conviction on multiple charges, all having to do with directly working at the behest of Russia and directly working against US state department policy in Ukraine. I honestly don't get how these two aren't being charged with treason.

Gates attorney - Charged with lying about meetings with the Russians

Flynn - Convicted of lying about meetings with the Russians.

What two things do all of these people have in common. Trump & Russia.

Trump's not guilty by association, but you guys aren't stupid. If I wrote the above about a Democrat you'd be screaming bloody murder.

So I see a LOT that tells me this investigation should proceed forth.
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Keep chanting: "IT'S A WITCH HUNT. IT'S A WITCH HUNT, IT'S A WITCH HUNT". until you understand that Mueller & his herd of leftist DIMocRATS are NOT interested in a REAL investigation.

They are ONLY interested in trying to keep their cushy jobs & slinging mud at the POTUS, regardless of the FACT that they have NOTHING, that there is NOTHING & will find NOTHING that involves unlawful collusion by the POTUS.

This WITCH HUNT is a WASTE of $$$$$$$$$, time effort & is a FRAUD. = It's no more complicated than ,that.

yours, sw
Are you kidding? Not one has gone to trial...he has people with a LOT of money taking guilty pleas because he has them cold. And you think there's nothing there? Astounding.
And when is he going to get around to the Klintons' multiple coloooooosions with Rooshia?
That's a separate topic...but I would back that 110%
Because THEY lied to investigators under oath, or in more recent cases, committed other crimes prior to Trump's 2016 campaign.
I don't get why these dimwits lied under oath (process crimes) .... they must think they're made of teflon, or that Mueller's menagerie can't do investigative work.

I agree the investigation should go on, primarily because it's going to anyway, and if Trump does stop it the political schiess-Sturm will deafen this solar system, say nothing of the media's electronics.

But I haven't seen or heard a thing that convinces me that Trump "colluded," and I believe if there WAS any proof, it would have leaked out and CNN would have gleefully trumpeted it to the workd.
Personally...I'm don't consider myself very gullible.
I fully believe Trump was involved... But I think there's less than a 10% chance they'll ever be able to prove that. And if you can't prove it, then it didn't happen.

What Mueller & his witch hunters have has NOTHING to do with unlawful collusion with RUSSIA, so they are desperately seeking SOMETHING/ANYTHING to prosecute ANYBODY fore.

It's a HUGE FRAUD by the LEFTISTS upon the poor taxpayers, just as Ken Starr's turned out to be.

Pardon me for pointing out that you should be smarter than to believe the KNOWING LIES of the DIMocRATS & their allies in the media.

I have seen 2 copies of memos from the witch hunters that indicate that they HAVE to find SOMETHING that implicates the POTUS & will "get him impeached" but have found ZILCH.

yours, sw
Tell us, Kevin, in what way did Russia actually affect the election to Trump's benefit? :confused:
It really doesn't matter if they actually did affect the election outcome or not. If you're aware of meddling by a foreign nation, you have to investigate and charge those who were involved. It's about the integrity of the electoral process. It also sends a strong message.

You guys know I viscerally hate both parties; but I would expect this investigation regardless of who won. Sometimes I think I'm the only one in this f-ing nation who actually holds BOTH parties to the same standards.
Gates and Manafort - Conviction on multiple charges, all having to do with directly working at the behest of Russia and directly working against US state department policy in Ukraine. I honestly don't get how these two aren't being charged with treason.

Treason?Then we need to bring up the last administration up on treason for they pulled the rug from under Ukraine saying we got your back letting the Russkies in.The collusion everybody seeks may go back further and to the dims?Shoot we know Teddy was talking to Russia behind Reagan's back :dunno:

Flashback: Senator Obama pushed bill that helped destroy more than 15,000 TONS of ammunition, 400,000 small arms and 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles in Ukraine | Daily Mail Online

That's a DIFFERENT subject. But I personally would be 110% all for it!

Because someone else did something and perhaps got away from it, doesn't make it okay to continue doing it. That's very simple playground rules. Quit trying to change the subject.
If you believe Trump was involved you are gullible. I think he's too smart to do something that stupid.
If you believe he didn't, then you're the gullible one. That many people in his campaign with HUGE ties to Russia.

I think Trump is just too smart to get caught. I think they'll get many of the Lieutenants, but I see about a 1% chance of them getting Trump.
On the basis of WHAT evidence? What you are isn't called gullible, it's called prejudiced.
Pot - Kettle.
Yea, I'm PREJUDICED. I'm prejudiced in favor of the TRUTH. I'm happy waiting until the results are in, and until then, believing in the American jurisprudence philosophy of "innocent until proven guilty."
I think it's important that where politics much that were call truth depends on your point of view, and pre-conceptions (didn't mean to sound like Obi-Wan). As a species humans are genetically engineered toward liberal and conservative. And as humans with egos, we just don't like to be "wrong" on issues we hold deeply. So for every argument from one side, you will find an equal and opposite argument from the other side.

Me, I find elements of truth in both sides. But sadly, most often when I look at an issue and do the thinking for myself, what I find is that both sides are getting it wrong.

So bite me. :twisted:
Okay, that almost made me spray coffee on my keyboard:rotflmao:
Really? You would expect there would have been any kind of investigation of ANYTHING if Hiliary had won? REALLY?:ek:

Do we have a facepalm emoticon on this thing?
Let me clarify. My EXPECTATION is that wrong doing is investigated fully. That's what I would would demand of law makers. Regardless of party, I would hold to that standard.

I think we can pretty much count on both parties to ONLY what is in their party's best interest.
GunGeek; All,

Keep chanting:
until you "get it".

Fwiw, there are at least two FBI internal memos that indicate that this whole thing is nothing more than a massive FRAUD on the taxpayers & that the authors of those memos KNOW that there's NO evidence whatever of unlawful collusion with Russia by anybody but HILLARY's crowd of leftists, crooks & creeps.

yours, sw
The waste of money has netted 4 convictions and 17 indictments. Remind me again, how many indictments came down over the Benghazi investigations (all 7 of them)?

lf the second half of what you said is true. Then 4 key advisers to Trump could be the 4 dumbest crooks on the planet.
Not one of which has anything to do with Trump colluding with Russians. :lol:
Again, Popodopolous. Remind me again, what he lied ABOUT?
...I have no idea what he "lied" about.
And in one sentence, you completely make my point.
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