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Lots in my parts still make knives.
Eskimo country Alaska.
Plenty still make the traditional style.
And they can have specific uses.
Special types for cutting fur's when making fur hats and other winter gear, fish knives, knives for seal, cutting whale, and regular kitchen use knives, and sewing,
I have made several over the years (mainly kitchen), lost a few esp when kids or wifey threw away a pizza box without checking it for a ulu.
Some folks develop carpal tunnel while standing out in the elements so like them newer star treck looking push style ulu's = less wear and tear on your hands when processing a net full of salmon for the dry rack that day.
They can be found in right / left hand models with a single bevel or a double bevel cutting edge options.
And layout as to the particular angle you cut with (handle geomitry to cutting edge)
A poor fitting knife can make a tough job a misrable experence.
Or a big job enjoyable. 😄


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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