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Ruger No.1's

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What's your opinion of Ruger No.1's? I have a No. 1 in 6mm that gives a 5/8" ragged hole at 100 yds; a #1 B in .270 Win. that yields a 7/8" group at 100 yds. and a #1 S in 45/70 that gives me a 1" group at 100 yds.
I really like the looks, heft and shooting abilities of the No.1's. What do ya thi :beer: nk?
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Good opener.
For my part, I think they're great rifles, and I'm not a Ruger fan otherwise. I have two of them at the moment- one is a 45/70 with a fixed low power Leupold (2.5X?) and a Galco leather shell holder on the buttstock. I pretty much only shoot 500 gr. Hornadys out of it over a +P+ charge of H4895. Sighting it in from the bench was an interesting experience, and it kicks too much for me to shoot lots of tiny groups with it, but it'll hit 'minuite-of-tree' dead on at 100 yards, and that's great for what I want that rifle to be. You never know when you might be charged by an enraged bull elephant here in "deepest, darkest North Carolina."

The second #1 Ruger is a custom job that I had rebarrelled in .300 H&H. The barrel is a heavy octagonal from Green Mountain in a 30" finished length. I just got it back from the gunsmith after waiting a year, and I've only done 20 rounds worth of break-in with it so far, so It's a bit early to tell what it will do, but the factory Federal has so far given me one group of 1.3 MOA. I suspect that with any kind of load development, and a new forestock that fits the new barrel properly, it will go under an inch, which is pretty good.

I was lusting for a while over a #1 in 218 Bee, but when I had a chance to handle one it was way too heavy for the light woods rifle I had in mind. That means another rebarrelling job on another perfectly good new rifle, and a wait of another year.....
That project is currently on the back burner.

I have to say that the #1 one Ruger I'll buy in a heartbeat. The wood on some of the ones I've seen has been truely excellent, especially for a factory built rifle, and it's a great way to make you work on your Riflemans Skills, and I need all the practice there I can get.

How 'bout the rest of you? What's your experience with Bill Rugers' pet?
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My experience with Ruger No. 1's is limited; I bought a new one in .375H&H Mag., and the stock cracked in the wrist area the first time I shot it, less than 10 rds. Apparently, the stock was not correctly relieved at the tang.
That stock cracking must a problem on the number ones as I had the stock on my Number One crack after around 100 Rounds.

The caliber was .416 Rigby.
That stock cracking must a problem on the number ones as I had the stock on my Number One crack after around 100 Rounds.

The caliber was .416 Rigby.
Well, they must be making some progress; at least yours lasted 'till 100 rds! ;)

I think this problem maybe only rears its head in the heavier magnum calibers; I've not heard of it happening in any standard caliber, including .45-70.
My 45-70 has about 180 rounds of 500 gr "+P+" loads through it without incident so far, but now I'll be on the lookout for cracking. It sounds like a bedding problem with the buttstock, so it'd be a good bet to pull it and check for overly tight contact points along the tang, and inside the cutout.

Thanks for the warning. I do love that rifle- it's as handy as a lever action and hits like a bear. The wood is also quite nice. I'd be real unhappy if it broke on me.

Of course, lighter loads would probably help, too- but I'm just not that mature yet, I guess.
MY QUEST CONTINUES. Back in April, this year I purchased another No.1 . This was a new one, especially ordered for me, in .218 BEE. It has really put me to the test. It came thru with good wood, and is a No.S. I put a 4 x 12 Leupold on it and started my quest for the ultimate handload. I worked through Sierra's 40 hr. HP and their 40 gr. BK's. Apparently this gun does not like them. I played some, at first with the 35 gr. Hornady V-Max, but I wanted a larger bullet. I got a 3/4 inch group using Hornady's 45 gr. Hornet and IMR 4198(14.7 gr. of it). This was travelling 2800 FPS and gave me a consistent 3/4" group at 100 yds. Not satisfied, I then tried Hornady's 40 gr. V-Max., and Lil'Gun. I have that down to a 3/4" group at 100 yds. at 3550 FPS. Yeah, kinda fast, but no signs of excessive pressures. Haven't tried it on groundhogs nor crows yet, all we seem to have this year is RAIN, but I shall. :D
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