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Ruger Vaquero 32-30/32M Special Edition Revolver

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Today, I got in 2 different models of a Special Edition revolver that Davidson's in Prescott AZ contracted with Ruger to make for them. It is being made in 4-5/8" and 5-1/2" barrel length. I took a couple of pictures, but it is hard to do justice in 2 dimension. MSRP was not listed, but they would not walk out my door for any less than $540.00+tax. My salesman at Davidson's is #2 man in the company (VP of Sales) so he got me serial #'s ending in #77 8) .


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Very nice. I love those black mcarta grips, er, stocks.
Isn't That Beautiful!

That sight just warms me all over! It reminds me of when I frist laid eyes on my new Ruger .357!
Its exactly like those pictured. With the exception of they being .32 cal, but everything else is identical! The barrel length, micarta grips, the whole thing!
Vaquero's, they're a beautiful thing!!! :lol:

I like them.
Now that's what I'm LOOKING For.....What a nice Weapon!!!
Ruger .....huh!

thanks, that is the reason I post pictures here, so that people who do not always get to gun shops get a chance to see some of the newer guns on the market.
Thanks Mike,
The Weapons are great. most likely what I'm looking for.
I haven't shot anything since V.N. But look forward to holding this type of Gun again....
by the way i'm from Welch, in the southern part of the state.
Haven't seen Welch in 40 Years. tho.

Thanks Again.
It's been some time since YOU spiked my Interest in a good Revolver.
Now , What I've just gotten, from RUGER is their 45 cal Vaquero
2 Barrel/ 4"5/8 barrel with rosewood grips... nice...
Also I 've contacted a little place in Texas to make me a nice Holster and Belt to carry it .. When I go down to the range to SHOOT...... By the Way my neighbor across the Street is a undercover Cop. in another County and He agreed to share his
Shoot time/ lic to Shoot for free. What more can a guy ask for.
except to get the cartredges for free..ha..ha...
By the way there is a Dope dealer at the end of the street where I live and between the Neighbor Cop. and my self , I belive this Bastard is going to have hard time is selling his S_it. In this community...
I just wanted to say Hi, and Thanks again... By Now.....Duck!

I know it's early to be thinking of your next gun, but you might want to think about a double action revolver for a more serious defensive handgun. Single actions are fun, and it hurts to get hit by one, but a double action shoots a bit faster. I'd suggest a .357. I like S&W, but Ruger, Colt, Taurus, and a number of others are just fine.

Slightly off the thread, but while I have keyboard in hand:

Remember, we Good Guys & Gals have to survive three encounters, not just one:
1. Defending ourselves from the BG. Then:
2. Defending ourselves from the District Attorney, who thinks we are the BGs. Then:
3. Defending ourselves from the lawsuit(s) brought by the relatives of the dear departed BG.
Thanks for the Concern, I do own more than 1 gun, and I do so love to SHOOT. Thanks Again. You have a Nice Day.
Can you get those with birdshead grips?

Very nice...
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