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I have been offered a complete set of documents with gun case, a Ruger Vaquero convertible with two calibers 32-20 and 32 cal. The box indicates this was a special edition made by Ruger for Davidson's in about 2004-2005?
I have found details of other special editions Vaquero single action pistols made for Davidson's but no indication of these calibers 32-20 and 32 cal.There are two cylinders.Two questions.
One.Does anyone have any knowledge of this set being produced?
Two. There are several 32 cals but which caliber of 32 was this made to shoot. Thank you for any information
The gun in the fitted case with all papers appears nearly new.I do not have ant 32 caliber cartridges to compare.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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