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This Forum is the only place on Amback that it is proper to discuss any item that would be covered under the NFA. Since ours is an open forum where anyone can come here and read our forum postings it is required that you do not make any postings that would expose yourself or Amback to any liability. To further explain, here are a couple of simple rules to follow.

1) You may not discuss the "how to's" of converting a firearm to be select fire or fully automatic.

2) You may not discuss the "how to's" of making a suppressor (silencer)

3) You may not list ANY Class III/NFA items for Buy/Sell/Trade

4) You may not post anything that could be construed by the BATFE or Legal Authorities as conspiracy to commit a crime (ie. discussions of how to circumvent the laws covering NFA items)

Any posting that is considered by an Admin or Moderator as questionable may be deleted at the sole discretion of the Admin or Moderator. If you have any questions or see something on this forum that you consider to be questionable, please contact a moderator or [email protected]
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