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Today at 11:06AM Central the Rush Limbaugh show started out with a voice I'd never heard; Catherine Limbaugh, Rush's wife. She sadly but nobly announced that Rush died early this morning from complications of 4th stage lung cancer.

The last day Rush was on air was Feb. 3rd, just two weeks ago. He was out the last three days of that week. Next week, he was out all week, but guest hosts said it was treatment week so being out was expected. But I admit being concerned. I was nonetheless shocked at this sad announcement this morning.

I was living in West Redding, Connecticut in 1993 when I first heard of Rush. That was via his tv show, as I wasn't much into radio then. I told a friend about Rush, he told me about his radio program ...... and I've been a great fan ever since.

R. I. P. El Rushbo ...... "talent on loan from God," repaid in full and with interest.
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