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I think a lot of people on these forums miss the point and go way off topic...When someone (newbie or not) asks the question we should answer it as accurately as possible. So anyone responding with the rifle that does the job isn't answering the question.

There are several handgun (pistol) calibers that are EASILY capable of killing a Grizzly Bear (Brown Bear), including the Desert Eagle in 50 Action Express. The issue with a Desert Eagle is that they WILL jam. Not worth trying.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of cases of 12 foot and larger Grizzlies being taken in a head on charge by a 44 Magnum. Look at the ballistics..

A 44 Magnum loaded with 340 grain Buffalo Bore hot loads (Outdoorsman) has Energy Levels around 1,533 foot pounds at 1,425 feet per second...

A 454 Casull loaded with either 325 or 360 grain Lead Flat Nose (LFN) Buffalo Bore loads has Energy Levels of either 1,678 or 1,623 foot pounds at 1,650 or 1,425 feet per second.

A 500 Magnum loaded with almost any bullet available put out 2,254 to 2,877 foot pounds of Energy at 1,400 to 2,100 feet per second.

Most of these cartridges in pistol form put out more energy than a lot of rifles but take practice shooting. A 454 Casull has nearly identical ballistics as a 30-30 Winchester...and a 500 S&W Magnum has close to 1,000 foot pounds of more energy than a 30-30 Winchester rifle.

As a Mountain Guide...I carry a Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum with Buffalo Bore LFN gas checked full metal jacket rounds that hit at 44 Magnum energy levels everywhere but Grizzly Country. Then I carry a Ruger Alaskan Tolkat with 454 Casulls....
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