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When I was stationed up in Alaska, I talked with many old timers and hunting guides, and the like.

The overall most popular rifle cartridge used up there is a .338 Win Mag. Second would be .300 Win Mag....

The guides I talked to told me in griz country, they would tote at least a .375 H&H, some packed a .458 Win Mag, most with no scope or a 1.5-5x20 Leupold scope for up close work....I knew a retired trapper who carried his "crew serve weapon", a .458 Win Mag post-64 Win M70 (no scope), whenever he trapped in griz country.

Pistol, biggest back then (1995-97) was the .44 Magnum....the .454 Casull was around, and gaining popularity.

Several gunshop sold a lot of 18" pump shotguns with 5-8 shot mags to hikers who would be in griz country. They would load a "buck-n-ball" load of 12 gauge slugs and 00 Buck.

If in griz country, I would have at least .375 HH magnum...I wouldn't trust a pistol. That goes for a .500 SW Magnum, too.
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