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Hey everyone!
I am a Fly Fisherman from the Pocono Mountains in PA.
I used to work in a Rod shop, building custom fishing rods.
For a man named Thom Rivel.
He gave me the entire shop at the time of his retirement.
I know have a Cigar Lounge/fishing shop in my home.
I am by no means an expert Fly Fisherman, but catch a trout every now and again. I did take a 1&1/2 pound Brook trout on a Grasshopper last week. One thing I am blessed with is that
my backyard has a small stream rouning threw it.
it feeds into the biggest lake in PA and this time of year the Brown trout head up the river and then spawn.
These are monster trout, going as big as 15 pounds.
Well that is the biggest one I have ever seen anyone catch.
Last week (before the rains) a friend caught a 7 pound Brown out behind me house.
I will be dropping in every now and again to say hello.
SO Hello to all!
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