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SC State IDPA Match

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Yesterday, 4/24, the South Carolina state championship IDPA match was held at Mid-Carolina Rifle Club. There was a total turnout of 174 shooters, some coming from as far away as Texas and Montana.

There were 11 stages, several of which were VERY challenging. Stage 8 was a nightmare, with air-compressor powered movers, disappearing targets, steel, hallways, vision baricades, etc., but man, it was FUN!

It was unseasonably warm, with the temps hovering around 90 or so, and since MCRC is in an old sandpit, it was like an oven. There were tents set up at each stage, but they weren't very big. Lots of sunburned/tanned people walking around yesterday.

This was also the first match I ever shot that had a "shotgun start." I certainly hope they do squading for it next year, because it took forever. The first shots were fired at 9:15AM, and the last shots were fired at 6:25PM!

I did discover that my Colt 1991A1 LOVES Federal EMFJ ammo. No malfs, and great accuracy. I got a couple of doubles (I've never doubled before in all the IPSC and IDPA matches I've shot,) and I had one triple that looked like a .50 caliber hole. I shoot CDP in Marksman class, and place first in class, placed 87th overall.

Here's a link to the match results: ... esults.txt
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Somebody is going to be kicked up to CDP-Sharpshooter. Nore more sandbagging for you! :p

Seriously though, good shooting! Wish I could have attended this year.
Daniel, if I'd shot stages 1 and 8 as well as the rest of my stages, I might have been looking at a double kick-up! Stage 8 ate my shorts big time, but it was still a lot of fun. Stage 1 gave me some trouble, too; as a matter of fact, I think I shot it worse than 8.

I've got 2 guns for sale, and plan to put the funds from those towards a Kimber Compact CDPII. That will become my carry and competition gun. The Colt will be sent to Mike L. for a number of adjustments, mainly an accurizing job. It already has a Kart NM barrel and bushing, it just needs the additional refitting of parts. I intend to replace the sights with a set of fixed tritiums (dovetail front) with the bar/dot combo (my old Trijicons are 11 years old, and they only glow in complete darkness.) I also want him to get it to reliably feed SWC ammo, and do a refinish, probably in Rogard. Refit the slide release, if necessary. The original broke, and when I went to Shooter's Choice to get a replacement, the only one they had was a stainless Wilson. The MSH on the Colt is a stainless Smith & Alexander, and it has become quite tarnished. Considering that the finish is Parkerizing, the gun looks pretty rough, but it shoots well, so that's all that counts. The final touch for "prettying up" the Colt will be a set of Ahrends tulipwood stocks. Haven't decided yet whether I want them full checkered, diamond checkered, or tactical half-checkered.

Once the work on that is done, I'm going to see if I can find anyone who makes an arched MSH that will fit the Kimber. I'm going to try shooting it a bit with the checkered frontstrap, but I have a feeling that I may end up having that smoothed off. I know that with my full size GM, I have no problem controling recoil with just standard stocks and no checkering or tape, etc. I'll just have to see how controlable the CDP is with my prefered loads. I guess I can test that by putting some duct tape over the checkering and shooting it a bit to see how it feels with a smooth frontstrap.

Federal EMFJ is now my dedicated carry load. Now, if I could just find someone who sold in bulk jacketed 200 gr. .452 bullets with a truncated cone profile, I'd be a happy camper.

I do have one technical question as far as shooting a short frame CDP. Do the rules allow you to use a standard length magazine with it as spares, or do all the magazines you use have to fit flush with the frame (except for the bump pad)?
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FWIW: Smith & Alexander makes arched MSH for the Colt OACP and Springfield Compact. I believe that the primary difference between the two models is the size of the mainspring cap.

The IDPA rule book doesn't seem to address the magazine issue. In theory, if it fits the box, you should be good to go. However, it may well be frowned upon. Ask Donald for an Official Match Director ruling. :p
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