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Yes. I have heard these advertised on radio under the or with the number 29 or 12 or what-ever.
I have not listened to a whole spiel. While I have a feeling that we may be in for some rough times ahead (due to the political/economic ineptness of certain people in Washington D.C. and others) it must be realized that there are always people out there who claim the world will end soon.
I recall during the '80s when I lived in Connecticut I'd visit a mall there, one bookstore in particular would have a lot of alarmist books out in the window usually titled something like "The Coming Economic collapse of 1985." When that year came and went, almost invariably there'd be another book very possibly the exact same one, edited, with a title reading "The Coming Economic collapse of 1987." This process would continue on, 1989, 1991, 1993..... and so forth.
I'm not saying the guy on that site is a charlatin, nor am I claiming he's wrong. He may be well-intentioned and a super-genius.
But keep in mind one thing ....
This is something that is on the internet....
THAT alone should say something.....
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