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This one caused my friend Mark Moritz "to go take a cold shower."

Blackpowder, bowling balls and sewer pipe!

For Gawd's sake, don't let Schmit see this one!
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What Price Credibility? -- A GlockTalk Moderator with "close ties to Glock, Inc.," gets caught in a whopper!
For Gawd's sake, don't let Schmit see this one!
It had to be fated.

A month or two ago I was driving home from work. Coming the back way through the country vice taking the "city" route. Anyhoo, there on the side of the road were two bowling balls. I do a quick U-Turn and picked them up for the kids. One is right out front with their other balls and one is up at my MILs.

One of the part time guys at work is a Welder.

Now this.

Things $$ money doens't need to buy (all ready have)

Bowling Balls
Black Powder
Public Range boarded on 4 sides by a National Forest

Things $$ can buy (need)

Breach Plug

Thing $$ can't buy (priceless)

Schmit with a Bowling Ball Punt Mortar! :D

I can acutally see this growing into a new hobbie. The big boy Punt Mortar and a few other smaller ones (vegetable size, quart can size).

Fire for Effect, Aye Aye. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! :twisted:
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Schmit, maybe you better start small and work up???

I had a friend when I was young who made a firecracker "gun." He found a short length of pipe with an inside diameter that would allow a standard marble to fit in. He welded closed one end, and added a handle to it. He would then set a firecracker in the muzzle with the fuse bent over the "crown" and set a marble atop that. When the fuse burned past the "crown," the 'cracker and marble would drop in, and then fire. He said that if you shot it at night, all you would see was a small ball of fire arcing across the sky. It apparently had a range in excess of 100 yards....
Oh no! I knew if Schmit saw this thread it would get his wheels turning! I can hear it now...."If I use just a little more powder..."
Fernando Coelho said:
...."If I use just a little more powder..."
From what I know of Schmit, it shoulld be, "If I use just more powder..." since I'm not sure the word "little" is even in his vocabulary....:bolt:
Gunny - you design it; I'll burn it and weld it... but we light it at your place :)
I'll videotape it! On second thought, I'll videotape it from a safe distance relying heavily on the zoom lense!
Oh ye of little faith. It ain't going to come apart; just be sure you're not in front of or in back of it :twisted:
I know how Schmit is with powder. This is the same guy who carried a 35 lb keg of smokeless with a lit cigarette hangin out of his mouth! I’ll rely on the zoom.
I'd set the camera on a tripod, zoom in, start filming and then leave it. When it goes off, I'd want to be behind a berm. As far as I am concerned, if I'm close enough to see it, I'm too close.
Anyone know where plans exist to make one these "punt" mortars? 3 ozs of Pyrodex, 8.5" sewer pipe, old bowling balls, and 10 lbs of whistling projectile @ 600 yards sounds like my kind of relaxation!!

While I don't have plans I do plan on building one. As I have taken advance studies under Professor Wyle Coyote, Super Genius, I shouldn't have any problems putting one together.

I'll keep notes on the construction and let you know.

…stand by for the BBT with a package for you from "Acme Sewer Pipe Company."
Thanks much Schmit. Curious to know what a breechblock is and where the touchhole should be in relation to the stated chamber. Keep me/us posted on progress!!
I saw an episode of Junkyard Wars a few months back that featured a cannon competition. If you could get a copy, that might provide some illumination.

Don't forget to update the will re; the AWP prior to field testing!
:evil: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil:
No disrespect LT, but there are already lots of names in the hat from previous Gunstocks. I am not one of them, 'cause I got a Remington that will really shoot... :m16:

BTW: welcome aboard!
Charles, everyone is going to have to get in line behind my oldest daughter, Tiffany... she claimes it's already her's. I corrected her and told her I'm not dead yet and even then she may not get it.

Sean, you mean you haven't taken advantate of AI fine discount offer for LEOs? At the least I'd have thought you'd get their chasis system for your 700. :twisted:
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