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A Sociology Professor who was cited for illegally carrying a firearm on a Nevada campus after he shot himself in the arm in a restroom has said he meant the act as a protest against President Donald Trump.

Am I wrong for wondering if he really had a Negligent Discharge? Bathrooms are a common place for them, as folks far wiser than I in the arts of the handgun have mentioned on this forum. If he had an accident while carrying illegally, might the explanation that it was some kind of protest be some way to try dodging some of the charges? Or, at the very least, covering for the fact that he was carrying illegally in the first place?

Not that I can entirely fault a College Professor for wanting to carry a handgun these days.

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NOPE. NOT a ND according to a NV police LT. = He said that the prof is a "prefect example of an all-around jackass".
(The prof taped a 100-buck bill to a bathroom mirror, with a note that the money was for the custodian, who would have to clean up the blood.)

What bothers me is the ESCALATING violence that is evidenced by LEFTIST IDIOTS & ANTI-Trump MORONS. ======> Somebody's going to get murdered & very possibly several somebodies.
(I've said since DJT announced for the WH that we have a bunch of LEFTIST LOONS, who are just as "nuts", empty-headed & filled with UNREASONING HATE as the worst of the KKK-IDIOTS are.)

yours, sw
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