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Price dropped. Selling my M14 crazy Horse build

Hello everyone. I have finally made up my mind about selling my rifle. This post will have a lot of information and I am trying to gather the rest so any and all questions please ask. I went the expensive route with this weapon and bought quality parts. I'm hoping it will be appreciated as much as I have appreciated it.

I have a "Crazy Horse" type rife from SEI. I say crazy horse lightly because it was not bought as a crazy horse from SEI, but when I built this rifle I looked at the build list of everything SEI changed on the M14 to create the crazy horse and it was purchased for this rifle. so this would include.

This item is also up for sale on m14forum.

- SEI M14 Barstock Receiver, machined from a solid block of 8620 barstock, Smith Receivers undergo a stringent heat-treating process that culminates in a proprietary cryogenic treatment process.
- Medium Heavy 22" Barrel, M21A5-C-IED, Chrome Moly 4140, 1:10 ROT, Four lands and grooves, right hand twist, chambered for M118LR Special Ball ammunition.
- SEI M14 Gas Cylinder, Double heat-treated to include M80HT 60 HRC on surface. Will not corrode. To finish, this part is cryogenically treated
- SEI Extended Bolt Stop (EBS) (P/N 2010)
- M14 Gas Piston, Made from 440c cutlery grade stainless steel and stress relieved, heat treatment and through hardening to 58 HRC
- Socom 16 Gas Plug (Shorter)
- M14 Direct Connect (DC) Vortex Flash Eliminator
- GLFS-D-22 Dovetail, Chrome-moly, highly advanced metallurgical process. Double heat treated, as well as M80HT, corrosion resistant 60 HRC surface. Designed for 22.0" barrels.
- SEI high mount scope rings, Wire EDM cut. (I could not find the info for these on the website.

- Scope is, NightForce 5.5‑22x50 NXS Tactical Zerostop .250 Moa, Moar reticle

Sorry it sounds so weird, I just copied the info for those items off the website. I have the receipts for these items and I am waiting for SEI to get back to me on my invoice requests.

As for all smaller items used in the build I will be including in the pictures a list from Fulton Armory.

Stock is a Troy SASS.

Trigger group is a completely stock USGI trigger and has play in it. It will need some work to tighten it up.

Only issue I have seen with this items is that whomever put the opt rod guide on the barrel seemed to have tapped it down with an "unapproved" method, the op rod shows marking of this. I say unapproved as I do not know the manner it was put in place.

I am asking $4,000 I am open to offers, but please be reasonable

-I will sell the rifle as a complete barreled action. So minus the stock, trigger group, and scope if you want to drop it into your own.

-If you are interested in that option, please let me know.

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