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Selling Value 1943 IBM M1 Carbine

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Hey Folks,

My old carbine had a bolt failure which damaged the receiver's left and right bolt locking shoulders.

I've not had much luck in locating info on a replacement USGI receiver so I'm thinking of selling the gun.

It is complete USGI parts. All but the receiver is better than good. I should mention that all parts have clear markings. And the gun is assembled.

Anyone have any idea of the value??

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I doubt that the ammo was to blame. One of the most common failures in carbines is the type of lug breakage that your bolt shows. It isn't normally the ammo that causes it, just wear and tear on the bolt. Those bolts are hardened and sometimes brittle. You likely did nothing wrong. With carbines, bolt breakage is just one of those endemic failures. BTW, I wouldn't mind seeing a list of parts and markings. I'm in the market for some early Inland parts, particularly trigger group parts. BTW, contrary to what it says about me being a junior member, I'm not. The
system kicked me out under my old name "Jimb" and I had to reregister under this name. I'm been hanging around here for many years. I'm also a carbine collector for many years and do a bit of carbine work. I don't recommend welding the receiver. There was a special way that they were hardened. Welding tends to ruin that and allow stretching and it creates headspace problems.
Just be ready for the expense. Parts cost more than complete guns! BTW, you can usually find receivers on Gun Broker. Have fun.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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