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Selling Value 1943 IBM M1 Carbine

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Hey Folks,

My old carbine had a bolt failure which damaged the receiver's left and right bolt locking shoulders.

I've not had much luck in locating info on a replacement USGI receiver so I'm thinking of selling the gun.

It is complete USGI parts. All but the receiver is better than good. I should mention that all parts have clear markings. And the gun is assembled.

Anyone have any idea of the value??

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What was the cause of the "failure?"
Your analysis sounds accurate and, sadly, that happens a lot. It almost seems sinful to throw away round of ammo.
Possibly but you need a gifted welder and real skill with a file and dremel tool. Both sides of the receiver need to be checked for cracks.

Way back when the govt would sell "demilled" receivers there was a thriving business welding them back together I've seen M-1 and carbine receivers made with three or more parts.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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