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Selling Value 1943 IBM M1 Carbine

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Hey Folks,

My old carbine had a bolt failure which damaged the receiver's left and right bolt locking shoulders.

I've not had much luck in locating info on a replacement USGI receiver so I'm thinking of selling the gun.

It is complete USGI parts. All but the receiver is better than good. I should mention that all parts have clear markings. And the gun is assembled.

Anyone have any idea of the value??

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Welcome to the forum.

You say you experienced a "bolt failure" which led to a damaged receiver, but that everything except the receiver is "better than good". That is fairly confusing...what about the aforementioned bolt?

Sorry for the confusion. I thought it would be obvious with a stated bolt failure that damaged the bolt locking shoulders didn't have to be re-mentioned. My Bad!

Yes, you are probably correct about parting the parts out. There is a gun show coming up this month down here. That might be a good venue to look into.

I do thank you for taking the time to respond. Oh, I have attached a couple of photo's of the bolt and receiver lug.

Thanks again,


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What was the cause of the "failure?"
Charlie P.,

The proximate-cause was my stupidity. I suggest this because the gun other than an occasional miss-chamber was good.

My dad gave me a box of very old Czechoslovakian rounds. He had this box since his Korea days and ask me to fire a few off for grins.... Like a doofus I did.

The failure occurred after my wife fired the third round.

There is no way to express how I feel. Man, how could I be so stupid. I think that the old, not shinny, casings may have caused a slight out of battery condition. But who knows. (?)

Life is a learning journey through the 'stupid forrest'. Which I sometimes find myself deep into.... It'll be a long time before I get over this one!!

Thanks for asking,
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Your analysis sounds accurate and, sadly, that happens a lot. It almost seems sinful to throw away round of ammo.
Thank you, Charlie, for the kind words that doesn't rub salt in my wounds.
Good Input

CaptainGyro,,,, What you posted is exactly what I have experienced so far on this site. All good stuff and a wealth of information to have available.

Snake45,,, I thought that welding just might be possible. A very good TIG welder could build up the shoulders. Then another master smith with a die grinder could re-new the shoulders. But the receiver's heat treating would be comprised along with possible racking and match-booking along the bolt rails.

AND this cost would be more that my wife allows for my monthly beer allowance.

CharliePetty, I've heard about the receivers you mentioned. That is scary!

So, guys, this is what I've decided to do...... I'll keep my IBM receiver and Inland Barrel in a safe place. I'll purchase a matched and headspaced receiver, barrel, and bolt from Fulton Armory. Use my good trigger group, ops slide, barrel band, stock, sights and rebuild my old M1.

Sure it will not be 'Pure', but it will be a 'shooter' and have most of the parts that was on it when my grand paw used it in Korea. (Hey, it was a 'mix-master' when he had it.)

Thank all of you for the input and wish me good shooting in the future.


Below is the Fulton assembly....


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Sounds like a plan, Mike, and who knows, at some future point you might turn up someone who has the skill to repair your original receiver. Drive on! ;)

Thanks, Snake45, for the vote of confidence.

Only problem is the cost for the 'stuff' from Fulton Armory. It is close to the total annual budget of California. So,, I told my loving wife,,, "Hey, I'm worth it!" sent Fulton my master card number. That was three days ago and believe it or not I'm still here in my house with my wife. WHEW!

See ya,,, bye


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BTW, I wouldn't mind seeing a list of parts and markings. I'm in the market for some early Inland parts, particularly trigger group parts.

Thanks for the good input it all makes sense.

After much deliberation I've decided to replace the receiver, barrel, and bolt with a new Franklin Armory set-up. I'll hang on to the good USGI barrel and eventually find a USGI receiver and have it married to my 'still' good USGI barrel.

This way I can still 'plunk' with the old gun and be able to restore it to USGI status if I ever want to.

But thanks for the offer......
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