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Re: Sen Fineswine Gets AWB on Senate Calindar.

csmkersh said:
Sen Fineswine, D-CA, pulled a slick one and by passed the committees with her SB2498 - a standalone extension of the "assault weapon" ban.
I think this is probably good news. The fact that Fineswine introduced it as a standalone bill means she probably believes she can't get it added to something like an annual appropriations bill. Tom DeLay is not going to let a companion standalone ban bill reach the floor in the House. About the only real hope the Brady Bunch had is holding an appropriations bill hostage by demanding the ban be included, and then trying to prevent it from being stripped out in the House-Senate Conference Committee.

I would not be surprised if this bill does not even come to a floor vote before the election. The Dems know that gun control is a losing issue on the national level. It helps specific candidates in specific areas, but it was a key factor in Al Gore's defeat. The pathetic showing of the so-called Million Moms last month is further proof that the electorate (even many of the liberal therein) are not fired-up about the ban sunset.
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