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SF SitRep…

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Never for a second doubt that the City by the Bay is FUBAR!

Be sure to watch the video….
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Omilord! The Police Commissioner is a moron! How does Inspector Calahan stand working in that department?
I see the reporter was well briefed on Rule 3...
"San Francisco is a bastion of sanity."

I actually live near San Francisco, so I know a little bit more about the situation. Most (read: all but maybe 5-6) of the murders are centered in a relatively poor part of the city called Bayview-Hunter's Point. I've walked around other parts of the city late at night and felt perfectly safe. It's a very... localized problem, so maybe a blanket solution isn't the absolute best answer. I don't know how it works, I'm not a police officer, but maybe in the precint(s) near Bayview-Hunter's Point they can pass out rifles, and keep the rich people and hippies in Pacific Heights and the Haight happy. The mayor recently said that if he doesn't solve the crime problem there, the voters should feel free to recall him.

The DA was only elected because everybody hated the incumbent, not because people actually like her.

The police officer killed was a undercover officer who apparently volunteered to do gang intervention to try to help his community.

The Police Commissioner, like in any big city, is a political appointee. And many San Franciscans don't like guns. The biggest problem in many parts of the city is overzealous homeless people and loud music.
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"MAKE MY MOCHA... no, wait a minute!!! Latte!!! No... "
The reporter implies that the LAPD used rifles from a local gun shop to stop the North Hollywood bank robbers. I don't think any of the rifles obtained from a gun shop were ever fired. One robber shot himself just as he was shot in the neck or head by a pistol armed officer. The other died after a shootout with SWAT members.

Interesting "logic" for the commissioner to believe that when police are engaging rifle-armed criminals, it's a bad thing for police to be at least equally armed.

San Francisco was one of the last big cities to replace its police revolvers with autos. The change took place after an officer emptied his revolver and was killed by a rifle-armed criminal.
Here in San Antonio, the regular MOS is supplimented with a .223 M4 style rifle while the SWAT guys have H&K .308s. Got to watch them for about 4 hours last week. They used my front yard as a CP while they worked out a possible suicide three doors down.
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