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SHOT Show 2003

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SHOT Show 2003 has come and gone. What is SHOT Show? It's The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show & Conference. SHOT is the largest industry trade show in the United States and is held once a year. This year it was in Orlando, FL. Some of the biggest new intros that come to mind are the S&W .50 caliber revolver, S&W 1911, Glock's new 45 Glock cartridge and gun, and the new DPMS rifle in .308 Win.

There are many more new products to check out. Here are some links to images from SHOT Show from…

SHOT Show, page 1
SHOT Show, page 2
SHOT Show, page 3

Next year SHOT Show will be back in Las Vegas. Your American Backyard will be there to give a full report on what's new.
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I won't make SHOT this year, I am tied up doing a consulting job. I do hope to make it to Vegas next year, Sandy always enjoys it more there. :)
Paging Mr. Knowledge...

Do any of you insiders know anything about the DPMS .308 in Fernandos post above? I went to their website only to find it's currently under revision and not fully functional. There is a neat photo of what looks like a good, low B.S. level tactical-type rifle, but no info on it. Is that it?
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