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Though not on this site, some while back I did a "range report" on the SIG-Sauer P-220. Below is just some more information on some ammunition not tested when the original report was done.

Hello. I took the P-220 out today and tried the following ammunition in it.
Some had been used in the first test, but some was not. Average velocities are based on 10 shots fired approx. 10' from the chronograph screen. The average velocites are in ft/sec.


Corbon 165-gr PowRball +P: 1189
Extreme Spread: 33
Std. Deviation: 13

Remington UMC 185-gr MC "Flat Nose": 989
Extreme Spread: 58
Std. Deviation: 18

Federal Classic 185-gr JHP: 944
Extreme Spread: 22
Std. Deviation: 7

Taurus 185-gr Hex Head HP: 926
Extreme Spread: 19
Std. Deviation: 7

Corbon 200-gr JHP +P: 975
Extreme Spread: 34
Std. Deviation: 12

Winchester USA 230-gr FMJ: 771
Extreme Spread: 17
Std. Deviation: 7

Winchester 230-gr RA45T JHP: 857
Extreme Spread: 10
Std. Deviation: 4

Federal Classic 230-gr JHP: 839
Extreme Spread: 25
Std. Deviation: 8

Speer 230-gr Gold Dot HP: 823
Extreme Spread: 31
Std. Deviation: 10

Remington 230-gr GSHP: 822
Extreme Spread: 34
Std. Deviation: 13

Winchester 230-gr "Subsonic" JHP: 834
Extreme Spread: 24
Std. Deviation: 10

Federal 230-gr Hydrashok JHP: 871
Extreme Spread: 42
Std. Deviation: 13

I fired a Taurus 185-gr Hex Head hollow point into water jugs and was not really all that impressed with the results. To be fair, pictures and descriptions given by people who've fired the round into 10% ballistic gelatin show better performance and perhaps if fired from a 5" barrel, the results would have been better.

I have no doubt that this wouldn't do the trick in the right place, but was hoping for a more symmetric "mushroom" in water. I'll do some more testing later with a Commander and a 5" 1911 as well.

For those interested, there's a more detailed article at:

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