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Six-year prison term for gun-rights activist

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Six-year prison term for gun-rights activist

Threats to judges called 'an assault' on justice system

By Julie Poppen, Rocky Mountain News
September 11, 2004

BRIGHTON - Gun-rights activist Rick Stanley, a Denver businessman and former Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Senate, was sentenced to six years in prison Friday for threatening two judges.

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Not too smart........

Davies said his client has a right to free speech.
You don't threaten judges with impunity, no matter what cause you are championing.

Continuing his appeals through the judicial system might have been a more sensible way to go.

Or, since I don't know the merits of the underlying case, perhaps he should have simply paid the fines for the lesser offense and gone on his way. Even Thoreau said that people who practice civil disobedience should be prepared to pay the civil penalty.
Yep, they've been taking that stuff rather seriously since Woody Harrelson's dad did a wet job on that Federal Judge in Texas...

Huh? What was that?
Woody Harrelson's (of Cheers and NBK's fame) dad is in prison on at least two murder charges. One was for taking out a Federal judge in Texas in the 70's. It has also been said that he was one of the "Hobo's" removed from the grassy knoll area in Dallas At the time of JFK's assassination.
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