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Skinny pup who won't eat,any ideas??

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I have a 7 week old full blooded Lab puppy. He is the runt of the litter. While the pups were still getting just milk he was doing ok,but now that they are weaned they get fed canned dog food.The rest of the pups eat it fine and they are all fat and healthy. He didnt eat anything for a few days then we tried different brand of food and he only eats a few bites a couple times a day. All the pups have been wormed and he has been wormed twice. They will get their first shots in a week or so. He is energetic,playful.He drinks good. Is it just that he doesnt like the food or is he sick?
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How does the puppy act around the other puppies? Is he playful or does he keep to himself?

Don't be too concerned. There are a few things you can try. First, if all the pups are being fed together the little ones usually get shoved aside. Try feeding the small one by himself/herself.

If you're feeding dry food (kibble), try soaking it in water or milk to soften it up. Puppy teeth can have trouble with totally dry food and if it hurts they won't eat. You could also try putting about one teaspoon of bacon grease on the food, but no more. It gives the pup a real stimulus and they like the taste. Too much will upset the stomach. Another concern might be the food. Consider trying a vet recommended food such as Eukanuba. It's great for all the pups, but especially the smaller ones.

You've addressed the worm problem so that's good. In many of my litters over 21 years the "runt" has turned out to be the nicest dog after a few months. Some just take longer to get started than others. Be patient and monitor the dog for about 10 days after trying this. You should see lots of improvement. Good luck!
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:D OK,thanks for the advice. We had been feeding him by himself,but now he has started eating good.He has gained weight and all the pups have been wormed again. Are small white worms roundworms?? I think they are,but wanted to make sure. What are long,thin worms called?? Lately I have seen a couple in the feces.They were wormed right after that.
Glad he's doing better. The longer worms are tape worms, and not all that unusual. Just keep an eye on the stools for about a week after worming. The small ones are the round worms and easier to get rid of than tapes. Just about all puppies have worms at some point after weaning so you haven't done anything wrong. Be sure to talk to your vet in the spring when it starts to warm up about the possibility of heartworms, spread by mosquitoes, depending on where you live. They are easy to prevent by can easily kill a pup if not treated. Good luck.
Wanted to check in with you and see how the puppy is doing.
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