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Skunks in Your Backyard?

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You betcha!!!

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Quick! Raise the rent!

:D, Art
Look what the cat dragged in !! LOL!!

Let me be the first to say....REHAAAAAAAW!! :lol:
Here's another

TFL'r, THR'r and other forum'r.. Howdy all. :D
Thanks! Good to see some familiar names here!
Going to be good to have a 4th or 5th home! :lol:
Skunkabilly? Skunkabilly. Now where have I heard that before? Glocktalk?
Good lookin' forum! I'll check back often.
Welcome to the Forum.
I have a lot of family in AZ. I'm from the east but always have a good time when in AZ. What part are you from?
SOP for Skunks in the Back yard is a .223 Ballistic Tip... now where is Darkman (suppressed M4gery)?

Hey Skunk!

Fernando - Can we get an avitar of an aquatic bottom dweller for Ken on account of his previous profession? :twisted:

Hey Ken!

PSS - Got a way kewl callender of Kramer art work signed by the Man himself while at SHOT.
Hi Schmit! Good to see ya :D. I need a signature like yours...very impressive :shock:

Here ya go...

Kenneth Sirlin, Esq
Noo Yawk

Of couse mine isn't as impressive as yours as my previous profession was based on little pay and morals. :thumbsup:

Boy, this is going to be fun!

To those reading this exchange... not to worry... just friends bantering 8)
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1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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