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SLAMMER – one of the latest computer viruses

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"THOUSANDS OF COMPUTER viruses are out there on the Internet. This is the story of one of them…."

the complete story from Yahoo
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An intersting article but unfortunately, it's just about as accurate as most gun coverage.
Did you hear about gun viruses? Their called reloads :mrgreen:
I was at a local pawn shop the other day and a guy came in looking for a gun. The clerk asked him what caliber he was looking for and the guy replied, "One that shoots GLOCK ammo".

[rant mode on]

I just get really bothered with some of the news stories like the one on Slammer. The writers just plain get everything wrong. For example, there is as much difference between a Worm and a Virus and a Trojan Horse as there is between a single shot, semi-automatic and fully automatic gun. In addition, it really is impossible to build a major software program today that is completely protected against hacker attacks. Once again, just as with firearms, it's not the program or the company that writes the programs that are at fault, it is the Bad Gun who, just like the guy that robs the 7-11, that is at fault.

That article laid the blame on three parties, the hacker, the programing company and the user that did not update the software.

If we changed the scenario slightly and put into gun owners terms, you had a felon that broke the laws and attacked a homeowner, the home owner that got shot because he had not loaded his SD weapon and the gun manufacturer who built the weapon the BG used and the one the homeowner had but didn't maintain and so failed when needed.

If that were the situation and the article was saying that the Gun Manufacturer and the Homeowner were partially to blame for the incident, every gun owner in the country would be ranting about the biased reporting.

Let's face it. Hackers, (I'm speaking about those that break laws and create these malicious codes, not folks like myself who saw Hacking as not just necessary to make things work, but really the highest compliment you could pay a fellow programmer) are criminals. The total fault with Melissa, Slammer, I Love You, and the tens of thousands of other malicious codes out there, lies with those felons, not MicroSoft or any other ligitimate supplier.

And it is also a real threat that most people do not take seriously enough.

[rant mode off]
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jar, now tell me what you really feel :giveup:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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