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Smacking my head on the ground...

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...or, things to consider when snowboard steep slopes covered with slush, or, why I really really really like helmets! I'm dropping down a steep slope on my old Buirton all-mountain board; the snow is slush and running really slow...I come to the steepest part and throw all my weight downhill to try speed thing along. Board hangs in the slush and thanks to the miracle of gravity, I continue on. So while I was lying there yesterday contemplating whether I'd actually broken anything in my spectacular snowboard endo (, but this morning I felt like little gnomes with 2X4s had paid me a visit), I realized that there were two important lessons to be learned that apply directly to gunny things:

1) It's a Bad Thing for your mind to make bets your body can't cover.

2) Never overplay your hardware.

Thank god for advil.

Michael B
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Is it time for golf?

Mr. B,

Get well soon!

Golf!?! Golf!?!

Only if the balls explode...

Michael B
Not to state the obvious or anything, but shouldn't one's age be a factor in the decision?
Yeah, Mike....just how old are you, anyway? I'm 48, turning 49 this July 31th. :)

Frankly, you wouldn't have caught me on a snowboard thirty years ago even had they been around. If I'm going to put my life on the line, it's going to either be in the cause of serving Justice, or facing down some game animal that has as much (if not more) chance of killing me as I do of killing him.

But I do like aerobatics, too, and the more violent and the more G forces, the better. If I had all the guns and gun related stuff I wanted, and still had some money to burn, I'd like to skydive, and do it all, from standard free fall highths to HALOs and LALOs. Shucks, I might even consider BASE jumping...go figure.

Time and money resources are not limitless, however, so I stick to what I love most in hobbies. Guns first, then good basses and amps, and good electronic gadgets and gizmos....

Just for the record, I can still do just about anything today that I did 25 years ago...I just can't do it as fast and/or for as long, and it takes a LOT longer to recover from the effects. :lol: :(
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I don't think age has anything to do with it. If you take care of yourself hint hint. Tony Alva is 40 plus and rides pools everyday... I realize none of you know who that is.
Just because you aren't 16 doesn't mean you have to start playing golf.
two important lessons to be learned that apply directly to gunny things
Apply to what things?!? :shock:

"There is a tendency on the Eastern Watershed to refer to shooters as Gunny. The term Gunny denotes Gunnery Sergeant, U. S. Marine Corps, a very high and noble position! We are all shooters, but very few can aspire to the title "Gunny"

Jeff Cooper

Easy there Glen...

I'll be 40 this year and even growing up OCONUS Tony Alva and the rest of the Z-Boys were our teenage years idols!

I believe somewhere in my parents house there's still a pair of FULL TRACKER's with RED KRYPTONICS that used to be attached to my G&S PINEAPPLE DESIGN... If you know what I mean...

But that I don't do anymore; too dangerous! Now I run around stages shooting my guns as fast and accurately as I can.

:p :p

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I am 53 years old, and my odometer has turned over...

Did some aerobatic flying (as a passenger!) in New Zealand in one of them stubby winged thingies flown by some 20- year-old Aussie lunatic. To my credit, I think, I didn't HURL! He did scare the crap out of some sheep, however. Skydiving just never was me...I hated to see that plane door fall away. Chalker keeps telling me I'll like it if I just keep at it...or die. One or the other.

CeePee...age is all in your head, until you break something! And, boy, does it ever take longer to heal! There must be some kind of golf virus going fewer than 3 people in the last few days have been telling me about the Wonders of Golf. Snore...nod....

GOLFERS--DON'T SEND ME HOSTILE E-MAIL!!! I fully acknowledge that golf is an amazingly hard precision activity, but then so is embroidery, flower arranging and building whole tiny cities for miniature train sets.

It creeped me out so much that I did the only thing I could think of to make me feel better...I bought a gun. A plain old boring Ruger Blackhawk to do some cowboy shooting (plink 'em off their's more sporting!) with...

Still, ya gotta get outside and smash yourself against Monther Nature every so often. Pushing one's self physically AND mentally, especially in a situation that carries some risk, is a good way to pull the old toilet flusher on the brain and get back in touch with Our Pal the Inner Monkey. Besides, Advil is CHEAP!

Michael B
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What's the line about too soon old and too late smart?

And I am higly qualified to speak to that issue for I have flown strange airplanes and jumped from perfectly healthy ones. I've fallen off of horses and mountains and suffered a concussion or two. Advil may be cheap but it ain't always strong enough.

But you have found the perfect therapy tool... buy a gun and make holes in something. Unless you do something even more stupid like make that choice a 500 S&W you can do that without hurting yourself.

I've also discovered golf and my favorite clubs are a Volquartsen 10-22 and a Cooper 22-250. With the Volquartsen it is possible to slice, hook, chip or drive a golf ball at 100 yds. and with the Cooper you can vaporize it. Both are immensely satisfying.
Charlie Petty said:
What's the line about too soon old and too late smart?

I've also discovered golf and my favorite clubs are a Volquartsen 10-22 and a Cooper 22-250. With the Volquartsen it is possible to slice, hook, chip or drive a golf ball at 100 yds. and with the Cooper you can vaporize it. Both are immensely satisfying.
Now that sounds like fun!

I fully acknowledge that golf is an amazingly hard precision activity
A Golf Course is a perfect misuse of a rifle range! In my fantasy world, where I am King, all golf courses would be shooting ranges... mostly rifle, but also Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Pistol, Shooting Houses... nay... Shooting Cities!. Every home would contain two, 25 yard, shooting lanes for Pistol shooting and long gun sight-in, Schmitricks Of Hollywood would sell Garter Belts that, in addition to connections for silk stockings, would have a drop rig (or for the real risqué - double drop rigs) attached. I could go on but I'm sure everyone here can imagine "My World". :lol: :lol:

Where do I sign up to vote for Schmit for King? :hypercolor:
You, of course, will be his Rasputin or Maciavelli, pulling the strings from just off stage...

CP, you've come up with the second valid use for a golf ball --- the first was jacks.
Schmit I don't think ayone can imagine "your world," But I think we'd all appreciate it.

BTW, can you do me a big favor? When you become King I would really appreciate it if you would outlaw the word "veggies."

Ed, why just outlaw the word? Why not outlaw any "veggie" that doesn't come in a long-neck? Steak, patatoes and a good beer is all the nurishment one needs. Of course followed by coffee and a cigar...
Oh Top... we need to broaden your horizons.

Nothing wrong with your choices but there is a place in the world for a good Caesar salad (or a wedge with blue cheese) and there must be good crusty bread. That should be accompanied by a noble red wine. Desert should be fresh strawberries dipped in melted chocolate and finished with a fine congnac and coffee. You may have my share of the world's cigars...
Charlie, I can only assume you mean a real Caesar Salad made with a raw egg, not what the restaruants now serve. My favorite dressings for non-Caesar salads are either bleu cheese or garlic. There are few cigars that I like, but if I still smoked and I could find some Harkness F tabacco, I'd fire up my meersham lined briar pipe.

Give me enchaladas for breakfast, greek salad with feta plus a dozen oysters on the half shell and a tap beer for lunch then steak for supper and I'd be a happy, but fat, old man.
Once again Sam, I bow to your greater knowledge and sense of taste! :lol:

Yeah... credit where it's due.

Of course I meant real Caesar...

I've never had enchiladas for breakfast but would try. Bob Day and I used to have a noble quest to find the best enchiladas in SAT. Never did but it sure was fun. There was a place on Marbach that had 25 cent tacos (or 5/1.00) that were pretty good too.

Some of the best ersters I ever had were in Houston but n'awlins ain't bad.
Ok, ok I give! You guys have me salivating and my stomach rumbling. What I wouldn't give for a good authenic enchilada right now. But there is some good news. There has been a profussion lately of little Mexican resturaunts and general type stores even here in Delaware. Fresh homemade style Mexican food.

Charlie, I no longer drink alcohol but a good cabernet and a better Cognac are about as good as it gets.

These days I'm kind of partial to the one-dish peasant foods like Chili and jambalaya but in the old days my "date-maker" (and the dish that won my wife) was very similar to what Charlie was saying above. Beef Burgundy (just beef, onions and gravy cooked all afternoon. Of course the gravy was mostly Burgundy.) started with a light, fresh salad and accompanied with lots of crusty French bread. To die for!

Let me know if you want the recipe :lol:

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