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Smallest packed sleeping back for a reasonable price?

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I'm looking for a sleeping bag that compresses extremely small. I don't care about the weight, but the size is of utmost importance. It'd also be nice if it would fit a guy that's 6' tall and rather fat. I'm tired of my shoulders sticking out of my current bag unless I bend my knees, and some of the smaller "coffin" looking bags don't fit my girth well.

I'm planning on using this on my motorcycle camping trips, so weight is not a problem. It just has to pack up extremely small. Thanks.

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You did not say where you would be riding/sleeping?? Sleeping bags have all different temperature ratings and that will have a big effect on what bag you will need and the weight of it. If you give us more info, we will do what we can to give you some advice.


Dude... I'm using this for motorcycling trips. I'm not going to ride if there's snow on the ground. A 3-season bag is what I need.

Charles ---

I know you aren't going to ride in the snow, but depending on locale, temperatures can vary widely. If you are riding in the deep south the evenings are alot warmer than if you are in the Blue Ridge Mtns or up to WV. As I stated before, bags are bunched by their degree rating.

Here are two sleeping bags that are relatively inexpensive and light. One, the Palmetto, is a little longer and heavier. The other is the Poplar, which is lighter but also shorter.

Finding a thin (light) sleeping bag that also accommodates a person over 5' 10" is a tough one. A real light sleeping bag like the Texsport Fleece is also pretty small and intended for kids.

You can look around here and see if there is anything that would work for you.

Thin, light, these things don't concern me. I need a 3 season bag that packs up as small as possible, and is long enough to sleep in comfortably. It has to fit in a saddle bag, so no more than 8" in diameter, and less than 18" long when rolled up

ChopperCharles If you haven't found what you need yet you can check here. They aren't the cheapest, and I don't know how big they are when open but they sure do fold up into a small package.

Now that is a pretty decent sleeping bag! That would almost fit in a tank bag.
Yeah but they want over $100 just for the stuff sack to carry it in!

My mistake! I meant $100, not $200.

The bags themselves are in the $179.00 range.


I didn't look at the price. Nevermind.... I'd rather rough it with a sleeping bag that's too small. Wow....
Sleeping bags

I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and tried almost every sleeping bag they had. None of the mummy bags fit. I'm a BIG guy, and they were either too tight across the gut or WAY too tight across the shoulders (I couldn't even get my arms into most). My cheapie rectangular walmart bag fits perfectly... but it doesn't pack up small at all. Is there no compromise? Can I not have a comfortable bag that's roomy to sleep in, yet still packs up small enough to easily carry on my pack or in a motorcycle saddlebag?

Sounds like a custom job... right after you finish the chopper. :wink:
Chopper, Did you try a compression sack? Maybe you could even have one custom made. They really squeeze things down for spacesaving.

Unfortunately, the only compression sacks I can find have only two or three straps. The straps compress the bag allright... but only where the straps are. The bag is just as big as normal beteen the straps. I need a bag with 6 or 8 straps for it to be useful.

I bought his from Al's Army Navy for about $35 on sale I think $50 normally. It's a Ledge Deep Creek +25F
Packs up to 14" x 7.5" and rolls out to about 6'2". I stuff my shirt in the bag for a pillow. I'm 6' and 230lbs if that helps
try a bivy cover and a couple of blankets- that's pretty light and cheap- make one a space blanket for extra warmth
im 6,3 i know the deal . :shock:

usgi intermediate sleeping bag !!! around 40 buks even on e bay
warm, roomy . ive slept in these in the service and still buy em !
they are 100% proven and exactally what your looking for .
there rated for 30 degreez . but ive slept in them at 15 close to zero. without being uncomfortable . its a mummy bag also !
you may have to practice on really compressing it . but it fits your specs well. and has the tie down straps .

heads up for all . buy usgi surplus this stuff was made for outdoors. not by bubba ceo looking to make his quota /profit
by peeps that never leave there homes !!
good luck .
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