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Smith and Wesson's new model SW1911

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I just saw that Smith and Wesson now has a 1911. It looks pretty cool from the pictures, but I would like to try one out just to see what it can do. Do you guys think it will take off? ... output.cfm

Here are the specs.

Model: SW1911
Caliber: .45 Auto
Barrel Length: 5"
Capacity: 8 Rounds +1
Action: Single
External Safety: Single Side
Hammer: Skeletonized
Trigger: Skeletonized 5"
Grip: Checkered Black Rubber Firing System: N/A
Front Sight: White Dot Rear Sight: Novak Lo Mount Carry 2-Dot
Frame: Full Size Finish: Satin Stainless
Over all length: 8.7" Weight: 39.0 ounces
Material: Stainless Steel

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The roll mark alone is enough to keep me from buying it.
If you crunch the numbers they should be able to move enough of them to justify production. Remember that they were already making the frames, slides and I believe even the barrels for Kimber. It wasn’t a far stretch for S&W to jump into the 1911 arena with minimal investment on their part. Even many of the components are outsourced.

In the end I think it will come down to who will offer the most value for the dollar. Right now that battle is raging between Springfield and Kimber. Both are offering 1911’s with decent features at reasonable prices. If S&W can step into that arena with a competitive price with a few extra features they can put a hurt on their competitors. However, if they try to stay on top price wise and come across as the premium model, they may lose. We already have tons of premium 1911 makers out there with solid reputations.

Only time (and S&W brand loyalty) will tell.
S & W 1911

It could make a hit, but only time will tell. Too many of us remember Smith's cave in to the Clintons.(Imagine watching the evening news, with your grandkids in the room, and not having to worry about what might be said about the goings on in the Oval Office.) I bought a S. & W. 645 when it first came out . That darn thing would eat any type of ammo you fed it, and it was fairly accurate,too. was too big for a concealed carry. :cheerschug:
I bought one a couple of months ago and it's terrific. It completely realiable and very, very accurate.
Fernando you are guilty of spreading a blatant lie.

Smith & Wesson does not now nor have they ever made any functional part for Kimber. S&W does sell them raw forgings which are machined right there in Yonkers.

Within S&W are several business units that are free to sell their products or services to anyone who wants them. Kimber is one of a number of customers- Ford and Remington are two I know of. Forging, heat treating and CNC work are all done for outside customers.

I have been to both plants many times and it really ticks me off to see such disinformation spread as fact. I know that is an old post that just came back to life with a new reply but it needs to be corrected.
Charlie - I should have been clearer in my post. When I was at the S&W plant they showed me frame and slide forgings that were destined for Kimber. That was what I was referring to.
IIRC, S&W also makes forgings for Dan Wesson as well. TTBOMK, the machining is done, like Kimber, at Dan Wesson.

But I don't think that will be as much of an issue. IMHO, for the Smith or SiG 1911s to succeed, all they have to do is be no worse than the SAs, Colts, Kimbers and Dan Wessons. They already have name recognition, marketing and outlets in place. They both have loyal followings and should, baring some major gaff, do well.
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