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Smith & Wesson

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For those of you who "love" wheel guns, specifically S&W - I would like to add to my one gun collection (Mod 640); I am "eying" either or all Model 627, 66 - 4", and/or 66F.

Any one know the going price for these guns; and which one would you get first?
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I've always been partial to the model 66 with either the 2 1/2" or 4" barrel.

Can't help you, price wise. The only pricing I know is dealer/distributor.
Thanks, Fernando - I think the 66/4" is the one. I', going to see if I can find a used one in 85/90% good condition... maybe around $300 - if I'm lucky
I sure do love them Smiths. I'd keep an eye out for a M-27 4", M-28 4" and a 586 as well. Course you can't go far wrong with a M-19 either.
I lucked out - found/bought a S&W 686-5 4" in 95% condition in the box for $370. Just got back from the range... a sweet gun; I also shot my new S&W 640, a great little gun... and my new Mossberg 590A1 (12Ga for HD), built like a tank!

*Eat your hearts out, fellers* :lol:
Old --

That was not that bad a deal on the 686 -- I sell em new for $450

Use all your newfound weaponry in good health -

Mike - it's good to know you're in the gun business... never know, next time the bug bites for a new gun you'll make a good contact; the price for a new 686 sounds great.. PM me your email address, if you don't mind. Regards, Oldfella
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