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Snakes cages. Something big, . . .

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like around four or five feet tall, two or three feet wide and five or six feet long. I have a Burmese python, my lone remaining snake (for now!) who is six and a half years old and has long since outgrown its 55 gallon tank, but various circumstances including the financial have precluded me from taking care of this matter sooner. I anticipate that I'll soon be ready to give this snake a home where it can spend the rest of its life in true comfort and grow to a full size.

I've done quite a bit of exploring and have some ideas as to where I might buy something of this nature, and how much it might cost, but suggestions and advice from the membership here are more than welcome in helping me narrow down my choices and find a reputable dealer in an item of this nature.

Thank you.
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My friends uncle who has snakes and lizards, would just build his own. Buy same type of glss and buy caulk that will not harm the animal. Now you can make it what ever shape you want.

I currently keep about 15 pythons.I have scrubs,Macklotts,carpets,& a retic.I used to use my own homebrew wooden cages & glass aquaria.Since I started keeping them in manufactured plastic cages I haven't had any of the small issues that I used to have.Things like escapes,humidity control,cleanup-all improved.Not to mention that they look ALOT better than what I made. :lol:

I'm currently using cages made by BARRS[small] & Animal Plastics[large boids].AP makes cages up to ,IIRC,8 feet x 3 feet for the bigger constrictors.If you ever peruse the Bob Clark forums you'll find that they are Very highly recommended.Scuttlebutt says that Jungle Habitats cages are at least as good.I've no first hand knowledge of them though.

Thanks for the tips. As for making my own, I've read about the problems that jeffw describes. Not only that, I'm not handy. We sold out a three thousand seat arena one night to watch me screw in sheetrock. Well, there were some standup comedians headlining the bill, but I stole the show. Got more laughs than some people who've been doing standup for ten years or more. I don't think I got one screw in right. :D
I made my own. Two "doors" and easy feeding and cleaning. Worked great. Lou, the giant burmese loved it.
Bloof: I wouldn't let your lack of handiness put you off. We're only talking about the most basic type of joinery. Start with something simple before you take on a project like an Empire-style secretary desk with bronze mounts, leather bound drawers and desk top, supported by gryphons and bronze mounted caryatids. That can come later. :wink:

Seriously though, the thing is to break the process into a number of small steps. There are a scads of books that can make the various operations easy to understand. You can also take adult ed courses at one of the BOCES extensions. You get professional help (something I'm told would do me some good) and you get to use their equipment. Once you see how it's done, you can build custom enclosures for others as a satisfying and profitable hobby. Since you know a bit about the needs of large snakes, you're already more than halfway there. I'll bet there are good cabinetmakers who couldn't build a decent snake enclosure because they don't understand the requirements.

Personally, I'd recommend a MIG/TIG welding class. You could then build a frame out of aluminum with lights made of polycarb sheet. You can get Lexan and Plexi in any thickness you want, down on Canal St. You can get it cut to order or you can browse through the odd shapes/sizes/thicknesses and maybe find what you need.

There's nothing like discovering that you can take on something that you used to think was impossible, or that required some special gift or talent that you weren't born with. All that stuff is easy--if you know how.

A lot can be done with found materials, too. Look for a pawn shop or jewelry store that's renovating and see if you can scarf up one of their display cases. Chromed steel and heavy tempered glass with light fixtures might be something you could work with? Finding one deep enough might present a prob, but they are often slant-front so they are deeper at the base. They'd likely give it to you (I've seen such things in dumpsters), but you might want to pay someone to move it.
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