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My name is Karl.
I was on Prodigy BB a long time ago.
I have been on The Gun Zone web site from time to time, but this is my first visit to the message board here.

I am interested in may forms of shooting, currently most in Sporting Clays. If Charlie is here "How is the Kreighoff working out?"

I guess I now have another BB to keep up on.

I kind of like how when I signed up, the default birthday is just 10 years off of mine.

Oh, and thanks for the correction on the Gunstocks ther Dean. :)

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Welcome back...

The Krieghoff is wonderful and fits me beautifully. I even went and shot a bunch of trap last month and did farily well with it.

Right after I got it I sent the 32" barrels to Briley for screw in choked and have been using those for clays. The only problem is that I don't get to shoot it very much.

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I feel your pain!!!! I seperated in March of 1998 and it was not final until October of 1999. You would be sick if I told you what I had to pay, not only in temporary alimony, but in settlement at the end. Add to that the over $60,000 in legal fees. :censored:

Just this year did I finally get everything paid off from the divorce (had to take out a loan to pay the lump settlement award) The only good thing to come out of it was that if I had not gotten divorced, I would not have met my current wife and I would not have the two children that are the joys of my life!

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