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Socialism, Antifa and Maybe "Civil War" II

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Yeah I was planning that myself TG bring the thread hard about to issues of today.While only about 30K members nationally I would suspect they have many of the BLM,Colleges and Antifa who view them with some form of admiration and thought DSA Democratic Socialist of America.I like the idea about no economic profit so who decides that Kevin has enough money?Don't tell me it's Bigger Guberment.

The platform:

Article II. Purpose

We are socialists because we reject an economic order based on private profit, alienated labor, gross inequalities of wealth and power, discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability status, age, religion, and national origin, and brutality and violence in defense of the status quo. We are socialists because we share a vision of a humane social order based on popular control of resources and production, economic planning, equitable distribution, feminism, racial equality and non-oppressive relationships. We are socialists because we are developing a concrete strategy for achieving that vision, for building a majority movement that will make democratic socialism a reality in America. We believe that such a strategy must acknowledge the class structure of American society and that this class structure means that there is a basic conflict of interest between those sectors with enormous economic power and the vast majority of the population.

more here:
We are very close to a real civil war IMNSHO. With Congresswoman Mad Max Waters and Pelosi pumping up the rabble we may need to start carrying any time we are out and about.

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A Leftist "Civil War" would/will probably look much like the 1960's "war".....
Riots in big cities and college campus's and random bombings.

If it gets serious enough expect to see bank robberies to finance "The struggle", and random ambushes of police.

The Left always over estimates how many people are behind them and it turns out to only be a few of the loonier hard core.

As example, the hard Left in the 60's were certain they were leading a revolution and using the anti-war, anti-draft crowd as foot soldiers.
Then one day the draft ended, the leader's mounted up on their Red chargers, drew their flaming swords and turned to wave the followers into battle, only to shockingly see that there was no one there. They were alone.
Seems the foot soldiers only cared about the draft, doing some drugs and hooking up with each other.

Once the draft ended the foot soldiers when back to school to get their good life started properly.
The hard core Leftists were shocked and outraged to find they were leading no one, there wasn't going to be any revolution, and that's when the real violence started to get serious.

There may be more True Believers now then then, but again, once it begins to hazard that good high paying job with Apple the "army" fades away leaving the hard core.
Those will follow the 60's pattern...... prison, death by cop, miss-adventure with a bomb, or self-exile in some foreign S**t hole to be forgotten.

If you don't live in a big city, around a large college campus, or near a favorite target of the Left like a Federal building or construction project for something the Left hates, you'll never have a problem.

However, this time around the reverse may not hold. This time there's a lot of P**ed off people who just might get tired of the BS this time and decide to do a little counter-revolting themselves.... against the Left.
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In the 60's the hard core Left like the Weathermen inhabited Lefty friendly areas.... big Lefty cities like San Francisco, LA, Chicago, New York, and around the big Lefty college campuses where they could blend in with the slightly less-Lefty crowd.

Other than encounters with the police when traveling between those places or during bank robberies and bombings the rest of America had no problems.
These people tend to stand out in Normal America and they have no idea how to even attempt to blend in so they stay well away from most areas.

I'd think the biggest problem will be in the big cities and around big college campuses with "spontaneous" riots and attacks on Normal people.
This of course means areas were guns are prohibited, because having some fly-over country goober blowing you into the Promised Land with his CCW sort of takes the fun out of it.

These people prefer mobs of people on one defenseless person and the wearing of masks plus the use of improvised weapons against the unarmed.
Wearing black they tend to look like roaches in the kitchen when the lights come on, when a Normal draws a gun.

The most the average Normal will see is petty harassment like name calling on the street, some restaurants and bars, and that only in Lefty areas where they're sure no goober might take offense and punch some lights out. And that only if they're enough of them that they can feel safety in numbers.

For most of us, all we'll see is on the news, mostly Fox, because the others will be reluctant to show it.
Even in the worst days of 1920's Germany the average German only read about it in the papers.

The Left is talking a really great game, but there's no way even they are stupid enough to try to shoot with a heavily armed Normal America of former military, hunters, and well practiced gun owners.
Most of the Left are only brave as mobs and back shooters.
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Ruark's second great book about the Mau Mau was "Uhuru".
On both books, bring a strong stomach, he pulls no punches.

The American hard Left is not noted for handling much in the way of personal danger.
Only a very few in the 60's actually went to guns, mostly their bravery only extended to bombing the bathrooms in Federal buildings.

There were a few who were far enough gone to shoot with the police, but again, that was strictly limited to big cities.
The average Lefty talks a big game but when it comes to actually putting themselves into a situation where they might well eat a bullet, suddenly they aren't so radical.
The ones willing to do that were actually very rare.

Again, the vast portion of America and Americans who see any violence will be extremely rare.
You just aren't going to see ordinary Normals gun fighting with radicals in some small town in Nebraska or Texas.

There will probably be more rioting in big cities and college campuses, and as they fail to get traction this will become more and more violent with clashes with the police and possibly the National Guard if it gets too big.
This will soon get old with the authorities and the crack down will be real jail time.
Even if the big city Lefty mayors refuse to get tough, the State Governors who are mostly Republicans will.
Even the sympathetic Lefty mayors want to get reelected and when the citizens and business owners have enough the pressure will go on the mayor to do something beside slap wrists.

When they start drawing real jail time and find out prison is no fun at all, most of them will drop out, leaving only the most radical and dedicated.
Those will be manageable by the law and they'll either spend years in jail, get killed, or flee to some S**t hole country and obscurity.

The situation is, unlike Third World countries America is not tolerating of radials of any stripe Left or Right, and will not put up with any major violence.
The pressure on the politicians will go on like a blow torch to the face, and they will do whatever is necessary to protect themselves.

Even a Lefty toilet like San Francisco isn't going to tolerate constant rioting and beatings of citizens.
The business owners and the yuppie Silicon Valley workers living the good life in town will not stand for it when it starts to affect them.

So, visions of Normal Americans having to lock and load and go into small town or suburban streets to shoot at rioting Lefties just isn't going to happen.

Where I would see wide spread gun violence is if the more and more radical Dims get the power to start passing restrictive gun bans and stupidly try to confiscate them.

Today's and tomorrows Democrat party ain't your Dad's Dem party.
It's going HARD Left and will accelerate, especially if they fail this Fall.
In that case I look for a split in the party with some sort of Social Democrat hard left party splitting off, or the Old Dem party doing the splitting off.
Due to the radicalization the new Socialist Dem party will be the bigger and most trouble.
All they have to do is win control of Congress once, and God help America, also the presidency.

We live in interesting times.
On the one hand we're about to get control of the Supreme Court for a generation, and Trump is appointing great judges in the lower courts.
He's also battling the bureaucracy with some effect.

On the other hand the hard Left is becoming more and more radical and like all Lefty radicals they refuse to leave people alone.
With them about even numbers with Republicans and a dwindling number Moderates, there's going to be a rough ride for some years.
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Fortunately the FBI are expert at short stopping terrorists.
We may not like the spying and surveillance of ordinary Americans, but it does keep the foreign terrorist down.

Any imports paid for by wealthy Lefties will not get far, and they themselves would be quickly caught.
It's near impossible to spend that kind of money and not be found out these days.
Due to the risks of that, few if any wealthy American lefties will chance loosing the good life in prison.

I suspect any real Lefty "war" will be 60's style riots and terror attacks by bombings and shooting at the police by tiny groups of crazies.
Due to them not living in the Real World, they tend to be pretty incompetent at effective violence, and have trouble keeping their mouths shut, which makes it easier to be identified.
Once ID'd they become hunted like animals and are too busy running to be very effective.

The major reason why it won't go past this is that America simply doesn't support that kind of violence by any radical group.
To be effective they need either to be able to hide in a general population which supports what they do, or to be able to terrorize people into remaining silent.
Neither is possible in the USA.
Even the general harder Left won't actively aid and support that level of violence. They may sympathize, but will not get involved in any major amount because they too have too much to loose, ie the good life.

When they see their radical friends laying shot dead in the street by the police or seeing them getting 20 to life in prison, their feet tend to get rather cold and they suddenly have other things to do to keep the good life flowing.

Again, it probably isn't going to be pretty but it will be very small scale and in limited areas few of us will ever visit.
In order to have another civil war it would take a LOT more then the relatively tiny handful who may try violence.
This isn't the South in 1861 and there aren't enough of them.

This is not to say that it won't be pretty, and it may really outrage and anger most Americans for a time, but it isn't going anywhere.
Funny thing about America. When Americans have had enough, things tend to get taken care of due to popular demand.

America got tired of the 60's and early 70's radicals.
Where are they now?
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People wondered why Obama sent the Iranians pallet loads of cash.
The reason was, electronic transfers can be traced and the Iranians wanted to be able to use the cash to finance their terrorists allies.

For the same reason Soros and other wealthy radical financers can't use electronic transfers because the money would be traced right back to them.
They also can't really use cash because it too is watched closely in the US.
Small amounts could be filtered out but not enough to fund a "civil war".

What I expect is that soon someone will be killed or very seriously hurt, either beaten or stabbed by the Left, or a Lefty shot or seriously hurt by some citizen who didn't take being threatened well.

That would likely set off a lot of Left violence in the cities, which would be clamped down on by the authorities.
Even left wing supporters like the mayor of Portland would have no choice, the citizens would demand it.
At that point it becomes a situation like the 60's radicals being hunted down by the Feds.

When faced by that, along with serious prison time, most of the street thugs will disappear back to mommy.
There are more hard core radicals around today then in the 60's, but prison or shot dead by the law tends to reduce the numbers willing to go for it.

Again, unless you live near a major college or in a radical big city you're not going to be bothered.
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The big money people like Soros and Steyr are in no case going to risk their butts to fund some crazies who will quickly fail.

Washing money through various Left wing organizations to pay for demonstrators and signs is a world away from paying for armed insurrection.
One of the great unwritten stories of the Bush war on the terrorists was the Money War.
Most people were watching and writing about the Special Ops, CIA, and drone war and totally missed the Money War.

Under Bush, and somewhat under Obama the CIA, NSA, and other agencies went after their money.
Accounts were seized or frozen, and even unfriendly nations helped for fear that we'd use our position as the worlds money handling system to damage them.
Most people don't know that virtually all money that moves around the world, at one point or another passes through the USA.
Money is a world commodity and knows no borders.
Using that, and contacts in the rest of the world we de-funded the terror groups.

Most people don't understand just how hard it really is to move cash and how easy it is to trace electronic movement.

None of the radial Left like Steyr or Soros money people are going to take that kind of risky operations just to funnel some cash to the loons who would be those getting violent, knowing that it would be money wasted on a operation that would fail at the get-go.

Even in the Vietnam War when the Soviet Consulate in San Francisco was funneling cash to the anti-war Left they were unable to supply that much, and were not going to pour much money down rat holes to radicals that were mostly blowing up bathrooms in Federal buildings while they were dodging FBI hunters.

In short, there ain't gonna be a new Civil War, and we aren't going to be shooting and hunting radicals in the wilds of Iowa, Virginia, or Alabama.
Stay out of downtown and away from the big radical colleges and let the Feds and local law handle what little there will be.

There aren't really that many antifa or Black Lives Matter loons who are really going to be willing to get out there and shoot with the police.
The vast number talk a great game, but that's all it is, a fun game.
Fun stops when you stand a good chance of eating a cops bullet or finding yourself sharing a cell with Bubba, and you're Bubba's new wife.

It's like the anti-war movement of the 60's.
The hard core Left thought they were leading a revolution.
As soon as the draft ended they found out they were alone and the mob was more interested in getting their good life going then hiding in a dark slum with a few smelly nuts heading to a bad end.

In other words, cool down.
You're not going to get the chance to shoot some violent Lefty mobster much less Nancy Pelosi of Chucky Schumer.
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While the idea of a swift fist to the face or even a bullet sometimes sounds like a good response to their BS, I just don't want to see Munich circa 1920's on American streets.

The Left constantly talks about Right wing violence, but by far and away the Left is the violent side.
Starting with the French Revolution the Left has been the party of murder, secret police, gulags, "reeducation" camps, and mass violence.
They murdered around 100 million of their OWN citizens last century.
Figuring the killing by the Right in places like South America, the Right has killed a minuscule number of people compared to the Left.
This bit about Right wing violence is projection by the Left.

Right now the Press and Dims (but I repeat myself) are telling us that the screaming Lefty crowds are not mobs, just "concerned, vocal citizens".
In just the last couple of days a number of Republicans working on the November election have been physically attacked, one woman by a Soros funded Dim repeat offender who seems to like attacking women.

Every time someone questions the mobs and the increasing threats of violence and actual violence we get the nut who drove a car into a crowd and killed a woman thrown up.
Compare that to the attempted mass murder in Washington where the shooter wanted to smear Chick Filet in dead peoples faces, the very near massacre of the Republican base ball practice were Steve Scalise was almost killed, the cowardly from-the-rear attack on Paul that broke five ribs and left him constantly fighting phenomena, and now these recent attacks on Republican campaign workers.

I'm worried that if the Dims Blue wave fails to appear and they lose in November, or if it does appear and they win the House, either way their rage will only increase.
Another mark of the Left is that even when they win and get everything they want they still get even angrier and more violent.

I'm not so much worried about mass bloodshed on the streets as I am about constant physical attacks and in-your-face confrontations anytime a Republican dares go out to dinner.
Sooner or later someone is going to get really hurt or killed.
If it's a Right winger who gets hurt, that will be blamed on Trump and used as an excuse to increase it because people will be even more afraid.
If it's a Left winger who gets hurt attacking someone we'll still be blamed and it'll used as a "bloody shirt" excuse to go full out bat s**t crazy.

We need to put the pressure on the Left and call them on the mobs, but anyone who's seen as a leader of the Dim party is terrified of their own base and are desperately trying to keep their positions by pandering to them.
The're not going to say anything other than possibly a little lip service along with a wink and nod.

This is getting scary for America.
We're not going to see a Civil War again, but we're in for some scary and uncomfortable days living in fear that the Dims will get elected to power again.
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