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So I had a chance to shoot some of the old 38S&Ws again, and the more I shoot these old relics, the more I like them. They certainly have different personalities and yet they also have a certain warmth that seems to be missing from some of the newest offerings out there.

The two guns that snuck into the range bag this time were the Colt Police Positive

and the Smith DA, 4th change.

They are very similar in size but worlds apart in personality.

They both simply dissappear in a pocket and feel great in hand. The trigger pull on the Smith has several distinct stops as it goes through the cycle, you can feel every single lever as they engage or disengage. The Colt feels far more modern. The trigger is as nice as on any revolver I own.

Ammo for both guns was Remington 146 gr lead. Both worked flawlessly and accuracy was acceptable. The slightly larger grip on the Colt made it far more pleasant to shoot and so it was the more accurate of the two. Actually, I would feel comfortable with either as a HD gun if nothing else was available. And the Smith flinging brass definitely garners a few stares at the range.
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